Shatter Official Thread

Mar 26, 2007
Redmond, WA

A retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar action with unique twists and a modern-crafted production approach that includes
  • Innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles which combine to provide an experience that is always interactive
  • Standard, Boss Rush, and Bonus game modes enhanced with leaderboards and trophies
  • Vibrant 3D style presented across 10 distinct worlds in 4xAA 60fps HD
  • A fully scored soundtrack featuring more than 90 minuts of great original music

18 total (3 hidden + 12 Bronze + 3 Silver)

  • Balls Galore
    – Launch multiple balls into play.
  • Storm Warning
    – Trigger a Shard Storm.
  • Kinetic Harvest
    – Complete World 1 in Story Mode
  • Aurora
    – Complete World 2 in Story Mode
  • Granule Extractor
    – Complete World 3 in Story Mode
  • Krypton Garden
    – Complete World 4 in Story Mode
  • Freon
    – Complete World 5 in Story Mode
  • Amethyst Caverns
    – Complete World 6 in Story Mode
  • Neon Mines
    – Complete World 7 in Story Mode
  • Argon Refinery
    – Complete World 8 in Story Mode
  • Xenon Homeworld
    – Complete World 9 in Story Mode
  • Fringe Benefit
    – Get a score of 10,000,000 in Bonus Mode

  • The End of the World
    – Complete World 10 in Story Mode
  • Master Batter
    – Complete the entire game in a single game session without using a continue.
  • The Boss
    – Defeat Boss Rush Mode in Under 10 Minutes.

Thanks to Mario for the banner and TSA for the screenshots and trophy info.


GAF's Bob Woodward
Jun 8, 2004
Nice IGN review.

TTP was hawking me on this earlier too, which is a good sign.

Thursday might be a relatively expensive day on PSN (this + Fury).


Sidhe / PikPok
Jul 15, 2005
Wellington, NZ
Thanks for setting up the official thread.

kassatsu said:
Anyone know what the euro/pound price will be

€7.99 | £6.29 ?
€5.99 | £4.99

Also, I mentioned it in the other Shatter thread, if there are any Wellington based GAFfers interested in Shatter and 18 or over, send me a PM (less dodgey than it sounds).
Apr 15, 2007
Mario said:
€5.99 | £4.99
Great price, when currencies are actually converted on PSN like it's been done lately, most of the time think it's almost "too cheap". In the back of my head I still keep thinking that 1:1 $:€ conversion would be normal and fair. It's still a nice surprise when we're being treated fairly.
Jan 3, 2009
Denver, CO
The 7.99 price point is sweet enough but 70 levels with 10 boss levels and 10 bonus levels, oh and the best brick breaker possibly ever?

One should prepare oneself for a psn hit. I am glad I just found out about this game because the sufferring would have been too great to bare. Day 0.
Dec 26, 2005
You know after watching pulse I hurriedly launch the PSN store to purchase it and didn't pay attention to the release info lol. I was like Holyyy Sh....... I need this bad. That gamersyde vid didn't help either. Bless you Mario