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Shazam App But For Celebrity Faces?


Feb 10, 2012
Who here has been watching a movie/tv show, saw someone they recognize but can't exactly remember?

Well, I've always wondered if we could have an app that recognizes celebrity faces and we just pull up our phones and scan the person on screen. We then would be taken to their IMDB page or Wikipedia.

Our phones are more than capable of recognizing facial features and there's lots of apps that let you alter people's faces so i think the technology is there.

What concerns a little is the legality of it all. Is this possible? The government already uses facial recognition technology to catch criminals and having an app that does the same thing would probably not sit well with lots of celebrities. Also, I'm pretty sure celebrities would have to license their likeness to this app thus mostly likely featuring smaller actors which i think works fine because nobody sees Tom Cruise on screen and wonders who he is.

But, then again if you can pull up your phone to scan someone's face why not just search that movie/tv show's cast? This is probably the main reason why this isn't a thing yet and why is really not that necessary but it certainly is a cool and futuristic idea.

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Dec 6, 2013
I guess.

But the few times I've had one of those "I know this actor but I can't remember where from" it's usually easy enough to just go to the imdb page of the show/movie I'm watching.
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