Shin Megami Tensei Community Thread: Be Your True Demon

Sep 17, 2014
For anyone that has missed it: Invites will take a bit, since it was brought back, you can only send one PM on GAF every 10 minutes, and we have a lot of people asking for invites. Please be patient, we are trying.

Also I am really impressed with the number of MegaTen GAF has.
Ah thanks for this update, I was wondering lol yea and can’t wait for V!!
Mar 25, 2009
I would say the same. I will put my Twitter in email tags, so quote to reveal.

Please send a PM to me on GAF telling me who you are on Twitter, in addition to your DM, so we can vet you in one fell swoop.

Mar 2, 2011
Yo, I'd love it if someone could throw me an invite to the new forums, here or on twitter (@LigamentsRGood). I'd rather not mess with discord tbh, unless it's necessary. Also, I'll have to use my yahoo mail. If it matters, I've been using it for years, no problem. If the paid/isp-issued email rule is set in stone, I understand. I can always try and register down the line

posting this in the SMT and Bloodborne threads
Jul 26, 2018
I wonder is it going to be some "persona 5 ultimate'
I think it might very well be called "Persona 5: Rouge" to play off of the colour "red". Atlus have registered "", among others. However, they have also registered "P5U", so maybe Persona 5 Ultimate is an option as well. Although, many people say that P5U will turn out to be Persona 5 Ultimax, a new fighting game developed by Arc System Works (They have done Persona 4 Arena Ultimax before).

But you can never really know with Atlus. Maybe we won't get either of those, haha.