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Other Information
Publisher: Atlus, Deep Silver (Europe)
Download Size: 13,669 blocks; about 1.67GB (JP version)

IMPORTANT NOTE TO NEWCOMERS: DO NOT watch the intro video when the game boots up; it is extremely spoilery. Skip it until you've completed your first playthrough!



In the year 20XX, in the midst of a turbulent time for humanity, a terrifying dimension of pure darkness has suddenly appeared at the South Pole, its walls gradually expanding and molecularizing everything in its path.

As it threatens to consume the world, the U.N. sends an expedition team composed of the world's top scientists and soldiers into this anomaly, in the hopes of destroying it from within.

You stand among them, equipped with cutting-edge weapons and adaptive combat armor, but are overwhelmed upon arrival by unseen foes.

An anonymous benefactor gives your suit a program with which to fight back, revealing you have landed in a vast and labyrinthine world of demons.

A strange and extraordinary journey is about to begin - one which will determine the fate of the Earth.

Who will you entrust the future to?


Originally released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS (and originally developed as Shin Megami Tensei IV, before its setting switched from Tokyo), Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is a massive first-person dungeon crawler, featuring gigantic maze-like maps teeming with dangerous demons, set to a dark, chant-filled soundtrack from Shoji Meguro. It's the best game that contains a demonic shopping mall in Antarctica you'll ever play.

As with other SMT games, you'll fight using a team of demons of your own, gained through negotiation and fusion - and you'll make many crucial choices that will eventually align you with the forces of Law, Chaos, or a Neutral side in between. You'll also explore the many colossal "sectors" of the Schwarzwelt, defeating powerful foes and scavenging for exotic materials with which to further the storyline (and create better gear).

The game also has a number of gameplay elements unique to SMT. Defeating demons in battle will gradually raise their analysis level, identifying their elemental weaknesses and resistances. Demons in your stock that reach the maximum analysis level will also give you a handy Demon Source, which contain extra skills that can be passed down during demon fusion. Bringing along demons of the same alignment as you is also a big help; exploiting an enemy weakness during battle will trigger a powerful "Demon Co-Op" attack from all teammates with the same alignment.

Conquer the many sectors of the Schwarzwelt, side with the ideology that fits you most, and see what awaits at your journey's end!



[Currently pending.]​


What's new in Strange Journey Redux?
A brand-new character, Alex (and her A.I. companion George), weaves a large new storyline into the existing narrative.
Three new endings, doubling the amount of the original game.
Two new dungeons: the Womb of Grief, and a final dungeon related to the new endings. The WoG is not a "bonus" dungeon, but is visited many times throughout the regular story. In total, it is approximately more than twice the size of two regular Sectors.
Additional boss fights have been added in the finale of most routes, depending on the choices you make regarding the new content, including a new final boss which must be defeated to see the new Redux endings.
New EX Missions (sidequests) have been added.
The original game's story and script have recieved a new translation. A few story events also happen very slightly differently than the original, such as the order the news stories and Schwarzwelt probe pictures are displayed in the opening prologue.

Nearly all characters are now voice acted (Japanese only), and have artwork displayed in-game when they speak. Many characters, including various Red Sprite crewmen, have also recieved additional artwork to better represent their current status.
The HUD and UI have been redesigned, with extra effects added, such as new animations for scanning objects in the field.
Your team is shown on the lower screen during battles, also with animated sprites and voice acting during attacks.
Known weaknesses for enemies are now shown on the UI in battle, even if the target's analysis level is below 2 (which is when the original game would show enemy strengths/weaknesses).
Health bars have been added for all enemies during battle, including bosses.
Battle backgrounds are now 3D instead of a static image, and have been enhanced with various effects (smoke, animated objects, etc).
Footprints now appear on the map to indicate the last few spaces you've moved.
New animated cutscenes have been added to key story points. On startup before the main menu, the game also begins with a trailer-like animated movie summarizing the game and the choices the protagonist will have to make.
New music from Shoji Meguro and longtime SMT music arranger Toshiki Konishi.

Difficulty levels have been added: Casual, Standard, and Expert. You can switch between these three any time in the Options menu. There's also an Impossible difficulty, which is free DLC. (Note that unlike the other difficulties, you cannot ever switch to or from Impossible.)
You can now create Field Saves outside save stations, letting you save nearly anywhere. Field Saves take up a seperate slot from the other 20.
The number of available save slots has been increased to 20 (from 2). Only a few are saved to the cartridge; the others are saved to the 3DS's SD card.
Healing aboard the Red Sprite is now free of charge (previously you were charged a fee based on the amount of HP/MP lost).
You can now set the speed at which battle animations play out: normal, 2x speed, or instant (no animation).
An optional confirmation message before carrying out battle orders or conversing with demons has been added; you can turn this on/off in Options.
The success rate of you retreating from battle is now displayed on the lower screen if you move over the Retreat button.
You can dash by holding down B while moving forward, and can open unlocked doors simply by holding forward while facing them.
The X button can now be mapped to perform a variety of quick features, like curing or saving.

Over 30 new demons have been added, bringing the total fusible number to over 350: Amon, Anahita, Anat, Armaiti, Beelzebub, Belial, Cybele, Demeter, Hypnos, Isis, Ixtab, Jack the Ripper, Kali, Kikuri-Hime, Lucifuge, Mad Gasser, Mada, Maria, Master Therion, Nadja, Nebiros, Night Stalker, Sandalphon, Shaytan, Thanatos, Tsuchigumo, Vasuki, Volvo, Vritra, Zaou-Gongen, and Zeus join the game. (Amon, Anahita, Demeter, and Zeus have also received redesigns.)
The maximum demon stock is increased to 18, up from 12.
If you befriend a demon with at least one empty spot in your party, the demon will automatically fill a slot rather than go directly to your stock.
Demons in your stock whose analysis level hits max during a battle will offer their Demon Source right away, rather than after leveling up once more.
Much like all other modern SMT games, you can now choose which skills demons inherit during Fusion, rather than trying your luck.
Similarly, if a demon's skill changes when it levels up, you will now see what that skill will become, rather than it being a mystery.
You can now fuse a demon directly from the Compendium, without having to summon the source demons. If you have the money, this is a great way to get a new ally without having to free up more than one space in your stock.

Additional sub-apps have been added, including apps that can detect hazards like traps. Most of these can be manufactured from materials found in the Womb of Grief.
There is now no limit to the number of apps you can have activated at once (aside, of course, from ones that have conflicting effects). You can also change the Apps you have equipped anywhere, as opposed to only at Terminals or the Red Sprite.
New feature: Commander Skills, which are special Sub-Apps that have a chance to activate and which can give you an advantage in battle.
New armor, swords, and guns can be crafted in the Lab.
Switching party members can now be done in one turn (the original game needed two: one to return the demon to your stock and another to summon).
New features have been added to the game's automap on the lower screen. For instance, touching a teleporter tile will show you where it will take you, if you've used it at least once before. You can now also browse maps of other dungeons at any time if you wish, rather than just the current one.
DLC has been added, much of it free. In addition to the aforementioned Impossible difficulty, there's also free item/equipment packs to help kickstart your expedition, as well as a pack of paid DLC which includes various Sub-Apps to speed up EXP/money/forma/etc farming.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need to play any Shin Megami Tensei games to understand this one?
A: Nope. As with most SMT games, Strange Journey is standalone and can be played without any prior knowledge of how the games work.

Q: How about any of the Etrian Odyssey games?
A: No as well. There are some similar concepts between EO and SJ, but you'll be fine if you've never played an EO game. You may wish to make some side notes about important places you explore (the 3DS's built-in memo function works great!).

Q: Are there any Special Editions or anything like that?
A: Not for the English release, no. Japan got a very cool SMT 25th Anniversary box set back in October last year, but that's about it.

Q: Hey! They censored the Japanese cover artwork for the U.S.! Now Alex is just holding out her hand instead of a gun! How come?
A: The ESRB has guidelines about what can and can't be on covers. Among the "cant's": you cannot have a character pointing a gun at the viewer. Having it to the side, pointed downwards, etc. is fine. And yes, I know, that rule is all kinds of stupid. But rules are rules...

Q: Is there an English dub?
A: Nope. It's unfortunate, especially seeing as how this is a SMT game where the characters are all likely to actually be speaking English (it being an international team and all). The JP dub is pretty star-studded at least, featuring Maaya Sakamoto, Takahiro Sakurai, Unsho Ishizuka, Megumi Han, and more.

Q: What are the differences between the four difficulties?
A: See here for a handy chart.

Q: I want a physical copy of the game! Should I pick one up now?
A: Yes. According to several sources, Atlus is not shipping very many physical copies of Redux at all; most brick-and-mortar retail stores are getting single-digit shipments. This is likely gonna be one of those games that skyrockets to >2x the price in a few months.

Q: The four ships are named the Red Sprite, Blue Jet, Elve, and Gigantic. Do those names mean anything?
A: They're all terms related to various atmospheric electrical phenomena. Give this a read if you're interested.

Questions for Strange Journey vets

Q: How does the new dungeon, the Womb of Grief, work? Is it a bonus dungeon?
A: The new dungeon is actually a part of the base game's storyline. During your travels, you will eventually encounter an event in which you are transported there automatically. With the help of an unlikely ally, you'll need to find your way back out. The dungeon can be visited periodically throughout the storyline, and you'll be able to unlock new levels of it as you hit various plot points.

Q: Is it worth my time to go there?
A: It definitely is. Not only will you potentially gain access to three new endings, you'll also be able to make new equipment with the materials you collect, including new sub-apps to help out.

Q: Will demon Compendium passwords from the original game work?
A: Yes! However, some moves have been changed from the original, so you may not get *exactly* the same demon from the DS version. Decent way for vets to carry some stuff over, though, provided they have the money to summon.

Q: Is the "Mistress Jimenez" typo still in this?
A: Probably not. The entire game got a new translation, not just the new bits, so it's more than likely that too was fixed in the process. I'm still giggling about it, though.

Launch Trailer

Graphics Comparison (Dungeons)

Demon Passwords
Special passwords from Atlus exclusive to this version of Strange Journey.
To input, go to Fusion -> Rewrite, and enter a password into any of the eight Password Demon slots. All passwords are case sensitive.
Also note that you will still have to pay a certain amount of Macca (and be at least at the level of the demon) in order to summon it.​

  • Stay Faithful - gives a level 1 Pixie with 99 Luck and Megidolaon and Mediarahan
  • I got it on Twitter - gives a level 22 Nekomata with Trisagion, Energy Drain, Blight, Drain Ice, and Retaliate
  • BufuBoyz4Life - gives a level 27 Nue with Media, Mediarama, Mediarahan, Salvation, Samarecarm, and Recarmdra
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Really excited for this since I gave my ds copy away a few years ago. I'm swimming in 3ds rpgs so I probably wont get to this for awhile though especially since I got the 3ds version of Dragon Quest XI a few days too.
I had this game many years ago when I heard it was very good. It was recommended through a lot of channels. I liked the exploration and the world. My only frustration was not knowing how to make myself more powerful. I think I'd enjoy this game a lot more now than I did back then.

I bought Soul Hackers digitally and I almost wish I would have had kept my copy of Strange Journey.

That's true about it being its own adventure. For anyone thinking they have to catch up in the series.
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I loved the DS game. And this one has higher quality art but I don't know if it is enough for me honestly. I haven't touched my New 3DS in months and would have like this to be on the Switch. If I can pick it up for under 25 at some point I might pull the trigger.
Picking this up tomorrow hopefully. Stoopid me started a new save file on EOV last week, and been playing that. Might try and juggle both. Good looking out on the intro video. Would have never known that.
Sector E? Or somewhere else?
I can't remember, I just remember all the demons that had got me through the previous area had the exact wrong weaknesses for the new area. (not sure why I didn't/couldn't fuse my problems away)

I'm more experienced with smt nowadays so I should handle it better
I'm guessing there is not gonna be any review for this. Actually Atlus not doing any marketing for it. I guess they don't except to sell much thats why they didn't even bother dub the game.
I'm guessing there is not gonna be any review for this. Actually Atlus not doing any marketing for it. I guess they don't except to sell much thats why they didn't even bother dub the game.
Atlus on Facebook had a few posts about it, but that was about it. I don't mind it not being dubbed due to the horrendously obnoxious voices developers can assign to their cast sometimes.

I play some tonight and it's pretty good. They must have disabled the 3D option because that didn't seem to do a thing on the screen.

The cover art is a poster on the other side. It's a little bit awkward when you swap it around, so it would actually work better as a poster on the wall than an alternate cover art.

More power to Atlus for doing this.
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Thanks for the head start up. A few nice perks for starting out too and they were free. I don't remember how many times I pressed the Next button for DLC, but I got them.
No worries. The free DLC is ok. I wanted to have it before I started the game. Vest I’m not using, but the gun I am. Only in the first area on the 3rd floor. Just loaded $10 onto my account and probably will get the paid DLC.
My copy got shipped today, might get it at some point during next week hopefully.
I've seen the paid dlc is for easy leveling/money like most recent Atlus games but does anyone know what the free ones are?
My copy got shipped today, might get it at some point during next week hopefully.
I've seen the paid dlc is for easy leveling/money like most recent Atlus games but does anyone know what the free ones are?
I tried finding a list of details, but I saw the Japanese list and it looks like a 1:1 of what we got. The pricing is different and you can buy the paid for DLC in a bundle iirc.
Training Day
  • Grants the sub app “Training Day,” which boosts experience gained.
  • Price: 300 yen
More and More
  • Grants the sub app “More and More,” which gives the player more forma from forma searches.
  • Price: 300 yen
Macca Shower
  • Grants the sub app “Macca Shower,” which allows for easier macca gains.
  • Price: 300 yen
Forma Search X
  • Grants the sub app “Forma Search X,” which allows for demon incenses to be found from forma searches.
  • Price: 300 yen
The four above DLC packs will also be sold as a set of 4, for 1000 yen.
Mobile Team Support Pack (Tool Set)
  • A set of items to aid in growth, including 3 items granting experience, 2 items which can be sold for cash, and a set of demon incenses.
  • Price: Free
Growth Vest (Armor)
  • Armor which increases the experience gained in battle.
  • Price: Free
Biliken Vest (Armor)
  • Armor which increases macca gained in battle.
  • Price: Free
Demon Killing Pack (Weapons)
  • Sword: A prototype claymore sword which can hit all enemies.
  • Gun: A Brothers P pistol, which can fire flame shots and ice shots
  • Price: Free
Safe Journey Pack (Tool Set)
  • Includes 5 Jewels, 10 Chakra Drops, 5 Chakra Pots, 2 Great Chakras, 2 Light Balls and 10 Return Balls
  • Price: Free
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If you end up enjoying this game then you may also enjoy Shin Megami Tensei IV and Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse. But be sure you play SMTIV first before moving to Apocalypse.
How so? This one is a dungeon crawler and is dark. SMTIV is power of friendship with weakness spam. (Apocalypse anyway on the nakama)
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Before a boss fight (1st area on the lower floor), I had an npc offer me a password for his demon. as far as I can tell though I didn't receive anything. Do you actually not get anything or is it a demon I already had?
Before a boss fight (1st area on the lower floor), I had an npc offer me a password for his demon. as far as I can tell though I didn't receive anything. Do you actually not get anything or is it a demon I already had?
You have to enter the password yourself (go Fusion -> Rewrite -> select any password demon slot and choose to enter). The password is in Mission -> Documents in "Demon Compendium Passwords".

The password is Tutorial and gives a Tengata Manu who knows Bufu, useful against the first boss. He's just level 2 though, so train him up a bit beforehand.
You have to enter the password yourself (go Fusion -> Rewrite -> select any password demon slot and choose to enter). The password is in Mission -> Documents in "Demon Compendium Passwords".

The password is Tutorial and gives a Tengata Manu who knows Bufu, useful against the first boss. He's just level 2 though, so train him up a bit beforehand.
thanks. I had a look for the document but the only one I saw was an explanation of what the passwords were (I've already added the passwords from post#2, can't afford to summon any of them yet though :D )