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Shin'en: We are very pleased with the sales (of FAST Racing NEO on Wii U) so far


We had a bet running in the company on how many copies would be sold on day one. Martin called the highest number. And he was right. It was almost exactly the number he predicted. We are very pleased with the sales so far, but on the other side our preceding investment was very high as well. Anyway, currently it looks pretty bright for the sales.

Really nice interview here from Nintendo Life with Shin'en (also called the first in their 2015 "Year in Development" series). They of course confirm they're underway with new game prototypes. They're also doing improvements and fixes for FRN and also say detailed plans will be made for FRN's future next year as well.
I mean looking at the Eshop charts you could see that. It dethroned Xenoblade Chronicles X and is still number 2 below Minecraft and above Mario Maker.

It also hit over 300 ratings quicker than other big Eshop games like Runbow and Freedom Planet.

Good for them as I appreciate the 4-player split-screen and Classic Controller support.


Nice, have yet to buy it cause eshop doesn't allow credit card from PR and the stores I went were out of 20 dollar eshop cards!


This quote is pretty awesome:

As you approached the December release was there a significant 'crunch' period, or was finishing development a relatively steady experience?

It was a steady experience for us, thankfully!
We don't have 'Crunch Time' at Shin'en. We decided against it many years ago; we have regular working hours. People need to have a life beside the company.
If you need to crunch you did something wrong in the past. This can happen once or twice but you learn from your mistakes. We've made games for more than two decades and know our limits very well.


congrats to them, they're definitely filling a void left behind by the absence of f-zero/wipeout this generation

I haven't picked it up yet but I definitely will.
Great! Would love to see it get a physical release a la Shovel Knight or from Limited Run Games. Still need to pick it up but been too busy with Xenoblade X
I was suggesting that seeing great support for a F-Zeroish game will convince Nintendo that there's still room for games like these in the market, and perhaps get them to make another

I don't know if one indie game will persuade Nintendo.

They seem to not know what to do with the series though they haven't mentally completely forgotten about it.

I hope they make some "realistic" racers though like Wave Race and F-Zero, I'm sure the talent is there.


If they release track/cup DLC I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Great game. Everyone who likes F-Zero or Wipeout and own a Wii U should buy it. It's not F-Zero or Wipeout but it is a fast future racing game that feels so good.

It would be soooo great if Nintendo let them use the Captain Falcon Amiibo to get the Blue Falcon in the game.

Their games sell well too.

So they can keep supporting indies. It's not only something that should be considered by Nintendo when they have a system not selling well and not supported by 3rd party, it should be something pushed on every system because in so manie indie games there's a glimpse of the future big games we're going to have and by saying this I mean the big AAA games for which the studio will have the intelligence to look at indies for great ideas.

I've always loved big franchise and it'll still be my main decision point but for the past two gens indie games became such a great thing for me, so many awesome games.

So yeah Nintendo take care of all the good partnership you have with indies and keep taking time to look at opportunities they offer while giving them a nice ecosystem so they can deliver the best games possible.

FRN is a very good arcade game, a little hard but it's in the spirit of older arcade type gaming and since the satisfaction of progressing is still here it's just a bigger challenge than we usually have. I don't know if I put so many efforts I put to be very good at F-Zero back then (I want so much a new one) but I'll keep replaying it and supporting Shin'en for a long time. Thanks guys.


The lack of shadows did not have a negative impact on sales, this is good news

Now you've done it...

He's coming


I usually don't buy games online at all if I can avoid them. Specially when it comes to Nintendo. But this time I did . I really wanted to play that game and I wish if I can get a retail copy to add to my collection . I would gladly pay 40 $ even for a retail copy. I am just a sucker for futuristic racing games and i even still have my GameCube f zero gx
I see no indication they wouldn't.

Indie games for the most part seem to have done well on the Eshop.

Damon Baker got this.

Sure and it's good but I think saying that we want them to keep doing so is at the same time a good support for indies and a way to say to Nintendo that we are appreciating what they do with indies.

So yeah Nintendo, you're doing great with indies but don't forget them next gen and keep doing so.


I have some leftover eshop credits and I'm trying to decide between this and Affordable Space Adventures. The reviews have me intrigued even though I didn't play F-Zero.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
I did my part - even though i havent had much time to play the game so far. Cant wait for the holiday break.
It's good to see the title doing well, they'd be completely silent on the subject otherwise. ;)

Great game, I've 100%'d the entire single player content.
I regret selling my Wii U before knowing of this game. A port on any console is out of question I guess? I need my Wipeout/FZero fix!


Bought it day 1, this is the kind of game I would love to give as a digital present to some friends... come on Nintendo step up your online services!


Bought it day 1, this is the kind of game I would love to give as a digital present to some friends... come on Nintendo step up your online services!
They allowed gifting on Wii while Microsoft and Sony didn't (and don't) allow gifting.

If anything, Nintendo needs to step *down* their online service. :p


Nintendo needs to bring these guys on board, just put them under the umbrella and let them do their thing... Amazing old school demo guys, there should be more teams like this crew.

Hell, they could probably teach N a thing or two.
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