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Shinji Mikami does not announce KRIEG for the PS3, OP got 3 month ban



TheExorzist said:
. Or what about the old Diablo staff that made the.... well... not so good Hellgate London without Blizzard.
Don't know if anyone else has brought this up yet, but weren't most of the old diablo guys on the team that made the fantastic Torchlight as opposed to Hellgate?


It would be nice to have more games out, Mikami or not, rpg or not, Krieg or not. :)

At this rate we'll have a betting pool about the OP's fate.
°°ToMmY°° said:
one of the posters wrote this:

"To all the visitors reading: Kanon does actually work for Famitsu, we can't tell whether all of this is true or not because he already made a similar joke for the 1st of April (not the FFVII one, we all knew it was a joke, the thread was opened only to have a good laugh)."

this shit is getting ridicolous :lol :lol

:lol :lol :lol

[Nintex] said:
How do they know he works for Famitsu?

because he post famitus scores, scans and translate their articles, he has to work in Famitsu, duh...

yeah, we need something more than "he works on Famitsu!.Believe!"
Oh brother, all of this points to being one of the most confusing times over the next few days till the official famitsu thread. Its almost a sure well planned huge april fools.

You got my early salute pyromaniac. Youre going down like a true man :,(
Awww, it's over already? And we had the chance to turn this into a proper Carnival of Stupid!

Come on, duckroll, spare him. I'm sure he's learned his lesson. Besides, this was fun :)


Beg for Duckroll-dono's mercy, Pyro-kun. Though you raised Sony-sama's ire, your GAF-tan friends are rooting for you with a reasonable degree of restraint.
Don't care much at all for Vanquish, title just looks generic. But this sounds interesting, keeping my eye out for this one.

Top of my must hear about list though is his collaboration with Suda. OMG.

Aaaaand....it's fake. Shit.... :(


You know what would be awesome? If April Fool's Day actually went back to being a day instead of an entire week or two weeks...



mods, spare the guy.
He did say he was just posting a rumor and he was a nice fun person all along.
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