Should Apple have an all-you-can-eat Music, Movies, TV Show subscription plan?

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Aren't kind of missing out on a huge market by ignoring the success of stuff like Netflix and Spotify?

Only Apple could do all 3 for one monthly fee as well. Imagine being about to stream/download unlimited music, movies and tv shows for $20 a month. I would jump on that in a second. They've got an insanely deep library of content that they could really do amazing things with, seems like a wasted opportunity.
They would be nowhere close to 20/month for such a package.... the spotify/zune music pass run 10 bucks for music alone and that is much cheaper to get than tv/movie content. If they ever do such a plan it will be closer to $50/month.
I think it they just believe they can make more money selling movies than they can a monthly subscription.

I'm not sure how true that is. In the last year I've spent probably $200-300 on video subscriptions (Hulu, Netflix). I've spent $0 on buying digital movies. And maybe I've spent $15-20 on digital rentals.
I don't know why people keep asking things like this? You do know that Apple/Netflix/Hulu/Amazon doesn't actually own this content and that Netflix/Spotify make pennies compared to actual sales?
They don't have the ability to do that. They don't own what is on the iTunes store. It'd make no sense to do that. There is not a lot of place to makey money in that market. Netflix barely scraps by. Better to make a lot on hardware and let companies like Netflix and Huli make services like that.
Sounds nice in principle. Would take some major changes in studio politics for them to agree their entire catalogs to be shared for a portion of a $20/user fee. And being able to stream any movie is just too good to be true. Much less for music.

All of the above will happen at some point, but we're years away from it.


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Would I want one? Of course!

Could they get one? Not easily, and not likely.
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