Should Resident Evil 5 get a remake next?


It's the next natural step, it would really benefit from a redesign to fix some stuff and make it more Survival Horror-like.

Also, the co-op seems to be an opportunity that Capcom wouldn't miss, specially if they include a co-op mode for Mercenaries.

Besides, would they really miss out the opportunity of making a version of Wesker in the RE Engine?
To this day, some people actually believe the rocket missed Wesker's head. I remember reading about it in the past.

Come on. He's chargrilled sauce, baby.

I do miss Wesker nonetheless. He always made the games feel great. But that was 2009. Things have changed.


Having played RE4: Remake now... how can anyone in their right mind not want RE5?

Capcom know how to do action!

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I think the grand finale of this remake series will be RE REmake
and maybe in a new engine. RE Engine is showing some cracks here and there. Not sure if is a development thing or the engine itself that doesn't catch the hardware, but for sure have technical problems

Code Veronica now, 5 later. And I hope they get Chris now. He changed more in the series than I bought underwear
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After RE4, RE5 would indeed be an insanely glorious action fest, and mercenaries reunion would be mindblowing.
But don't bother if you can't get DC douglas back to say '7 minutes, 7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you'.


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Yea I would rather a code veronica remake next. RE5 is just so average and Sheva was annoying/dumb as fuck. In saying that, it would be cool to play one of these modern RE games in co-op...


I'd prefer Code Veronica next, but after completing RE4R, I think they're obviously setting up RE5 next.

I don't think they'd go through the trouble giving Albert Wesker a new model and voice, for a brief cameo, if they didn't plan on using him. And the ending sets up RE5 more than the OG RE4 did.


Playing through Resident Evil 4 Remake, a remake of 5 would be fucking incredible. If this does happen, I really hope that they contact the licensed firearm manufacturers (Smith & Wesson, Benelli, Sig Sauer) to use their sounds and likenesses for enhanced realism and authenticity for the firearms that's used in the game.
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At this point, they better remake everything and change the stupid setpieces of 5 and 6. RE5 was a huge departure from the other Resident Evil games, a lot more than 4 ever, at least, RE4 knew how to balance tense moments, a bit of horror, and action. RE5 doubled down on the action and setpieces, then RE6 was simply a pure action game (which I love btw but it wasn't more a survival horror and shouldn't have been marketed like that).

Don't forget to remake Code Veronica as well. I want Capcom to bring back characters like Sheva, Jake, Helena, and Sherry to the mainline series but they need to rework the whole of RE5 and RE6.

OH, and bring Hunk back!
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Well after RE4R they're going to have to make a choice. Continue with Remakes or end it there. If they continue with Remakes they basically have three choices:

A. RE1R (so a 2nd Remake)
B. Code Veronica Remake

I personally hope for Code Veronica Remake because I love the Remake version of Claire, and it's a flawed game that could be improved by a Remake. However that's not how the world works, so they're going to go for RE5, which is one of their best selling entries in the franchise. After that though, either put the Remakes to bed or just make Code Veronica, because nobody wants a remake of RE6.
I feel like CV would be remade first due to fan demand. Though, if 5 got remade I wouldn't be upset.
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