SIEE fills a bunch of new trademarks ahead of conference (Shadow Of Colossus included

that remake incoming

Also filled tms for: Frantics, Knowledge is Power, Bravo Team, The Inpatient
and multiple language options for THAT'S YOU which is rumored to be a party game

Post conference Edit: Just like last year, all tm's were related to games announced at E3
SOTC could really benefit from a remaster. Such a brilliant game but it really handles like a beast, not to mention it's only on PS2 and 3, neither of which are really supported officially anymore.
Did the Shadow of the Colossus PS3 remaster improve the PS2 original's insanely aggressive LoD system? That thing was a technical marvel on PS2 but I'd really like a version of the game with zero pop-in.

Dunno why people are jumping to the conclusion that this is a remake and not a port of the PS3 remaster though.


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I'll try not to get too hyped.

I would kill for new versions though.
what do you think guys? is a sequel to sotc be possible? i guess it would be somewhat possible in the universe and ueda definetly owes sony sth..