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Silicon Studio New Rendering Engine - Tech Demo Preview


that puzzling face

It's very impressive, looking forward to their next project.

I'm looking forward to Bravely Second too!

edit: they've made middleware for quite a while. I doubt their studio size would be able to utilize their own tech to its fullest extent considering the amount of assets required. But as a tech demo that's freaking impressive. Hope the licenses go far, if that's what they're planning to do.


Doesnt look too different from something that say, UE4 could pull off but whoever modeled that camera clearly loves themselves some cameras. Really gorgeous.


Hold on, friend! I'd love to share with you some swell news about the Windows 8 Metro UI! Wait, where are you going?
That was realtime? Damn, that's very impressive.
Looking forward to the next mediocre looking console game they make that utilizes none of the tech displayed in this demo a la Tri-Ace.
looks incredible, especially at the end when it focuses on the camera. the important question: is this do-able on the PS4/XO? if this is running on some kind of insane hardware than it's not so impressive.


When they the showed depth of field, they were controlling the f-stop of the aperture. Nice touch.


There a reason most Japanese companies seem to spend their time making engines instead of games these days?


No way, is this real time? This can't be real time, this shit's amazing.
I actually thought about something, how the dynamic themes on PS3 might actually be the only practical way to get tech demo level performance out of a console: by only rendering one scene with zero human control. Certainly Dark Souls 1 had 60 FPS 1080p scenes of stuff that was in-game, and DSII's is crazy high detailed though that might be some tricks with sprites or whatever.

Similar here, I could see a PS4 doing this maybe as a dynamic theme-type thing, but nothing with real gameplay will look like this unless it's similarly constrained.
It looks amazing, but knowing we won't see a game of this fidelity makes it hard to be excited by it. Tech demos always look great because they don't have to do anything but render a scripted, small sequence.


Graphic demos = easy
Content workflow to achieve graphic demos = hard

While I love a good graphic tech demo as much as the next person, they only good so far due to toolset workflow difficulties.

Also without knowing the hardware, it is just pretty.
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