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Siliconera Rumor 2 Karin Kanzuki And R. Mika Will Return For Street Fighter V

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The is Arc Christelle reporting live beside an angry mob on stand by in anticipation of Capcom's announcement today at the San Diego Comic Con!

Sir what are your plans for this afternoon and what do you expect?


Isn't Mika's design based off of an actual person/wrestler

Not really but pretty much in line with Joshi wrestlers garnment

Not the guy you quoted but if I had to hazard a guess it's because Cammy's is a lot less "girly" and fetishy, for lack of a better term. It's got all the hearts, frills, and big bushy pigtails while putting her cleavage heavily on display. And it doesn't emphasize the butt any less than Cammy. On the flip side Cammy's leotard IS ridiculously tight but it at least seems somewhat practical. She might as well be wearing a one piece swimsuit. Plus her more serious, action girl attitude sells it better.

Er....... so does Mika since she is in fact a wrestler

ENFORCER ‏@honzogonzo 7m7 minutes ago

security just removed @maximilian_ from the room for charging the stage in a fulgore outfit, ono still dancing

DAMN!!! MAX got booted! (J/K)
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