Skies of Arcadia Trademark Renewed. Sega's next HD release?

Well being as I tend to enjoy SEGA games and the amazing reception this game gets, I'll certainly try it out if this comes out. Vyse is in Sega Kart Transformed, so there's a good chance.
Hope this materializes into something!

I missed the game every time it came out.

Maybe this will remind people about Valkyria Chronicles too!
My dreamcast died before I finished SoA and I had to play like the last 10 hours at a friend's house with constant "you should play FFX, it's way better than this" comments the whole time. It'd be good to play through it again uninterrupted lol.


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This was rumored along with Shenmue, yes?

I'd buy it if it was rereleased. Never played it before but I'd like to try it :)
Yeah that's what I remember. Jet Set Radio, then Sonic Adventure 2, then Shenmue, followed by Skies of Arcadia.
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Even though the ship battles take forever, and sometimes there's a few too many random encounters, Skies is still one of my favorite RPGs ever. Exploring, building your own pirate fort, earning titles, fighting optional bosses...soooo good.

I wonder if SEGA would tweak the ship battles and encounters? Hopefully this is the Gamecube version and we don't have to buy the extra stuff added to the GC edition as DLC (I'm looking at you, Sonic Adventure...)
I might even be fine with a rerelease containing all the Gamecube content with the Dreamcast sound quality. I didn't think it'd bug me but it does.


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Please, please, PLEASE be for an HD re-release.


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How does the expiring work for trademarks? Could anyone snatch this up before Sega renewed it? Or are they basically renewing it right before it's expiring?
I'd be at a loss for words, if they announce this. Too lazy to find my Dreamcast/GameCube to replay it, but would totally pay for an HD remake and marathon it.
Still hopeful, but this could be a silly coincidence, right? I mean, Sega would want to renew their trademark just so no one else attempted to make something by the same name, right?
Dammit i wanted Shenmue. How is this game? what rpg can you compare it to?
Almost unparalleled sense of exploration (especially for the time, but even now Xenoblade is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that's analogous), great characters, adequate story, great music, clever ship battles, horribly boring turn based battle system and way too many random battles.

Basically: except for the random battles, it's incredible. Because of them it's merely a great RPG.

edit: I should add, Vyse is basically the GOAT of RPG leads.