Skyrim or Final Fantasy VII? (Battle of the best selling Wrpg and Jrpg*)

Of the best selling Wrpg and Jrpg which is better?

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Aug 24, 2016
*When it comes to the biggest selling RPGS for Home systems the biggest Wrpg is clearly Skyrim. For Jrpgs in the same category, Final Fantasy VII over 20 years later still holds the crown as the best selling Jrpg game of all time on home systems with over 12 million sold.

Both however have completely different approaches in how they implement gameplay mechanics, and how they approach the rpg genre itself. But with many people on this board having have played both, which of these two juggernauts do you believe is the better game?

Bonus discussion: What do modern JRPGS need to do to sell more copies to a mainstream audience?
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Apr 18, 2014
At the time I played FFVII I was in the Army deployed overseas and my ps1 was my prize possession. It got a lot of play on that little 13" tv. :ROFLMAO:
That was a special time but if I had to choose one to play right now it would be Skyrim so I guess both. Mr. indecisive here.
Don't get me wrong I do love both, especially Skyrim in PSVR but I think you know how I'll vote on this one.

FFVII just shaped RPG's for me in general, it was the standard I measured everything else up too and story wise, character wise its still my favourite all these years later. I just reeeaally hope they take their time with the FFVII: R, do it right and please dont fuck it up.
Jun 28, 2013
Skyrim’s strongest content is the stuff provided by independent creators via mods. Vanilla is atmospheric and has some shining moments, but it also has loose ends in the design of its RPG systems.

While FFVII is by no means perfect, I find it the preferable favorite between the two. It’s debatable about which is harder to design, games where you craft your own identity or those with developer-dictated personalities, but I’m from an era where the studios decided the story and designed the experience front-to-end.
Jan 20, 2012
They are leagues apart in the things they excel at. Skyrim offers freedom and player choice at the expense of an overall structure. FF7 offers differing but strict gameplay sections and narrative, tied into a masterful overall structure. They are both great games, but for very different reasons.
Jun 20, 2018
They are completely different games FF7 is a story driven game with one of the best stories in the medium, with almost pitch perfect pacing, some of the most memorably scenarios/set pieces, some of the most memorable characters and a combat system that thanks to materia combinations is still good to this day.
While skyrim is a open world game with countless dungeons, quests, endless things to do, endless characters to role play as and endless mod possibilities with a weak main story that most people dont even bother with, completely forgettable characters and at best average combat.
Both games aim at completely different things and funnily enough at things that the other game doesnt do lol so you need both in your life to cover all bases lol
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Sep 11, 2018
I personally hate Elder Scrolls series worst than your average WRPG, I personally never like them.
Even though they were still pretty flawed, ES did show some promise with Daggerfall & Morrowind. They just fell off a cliff after that, sold out and started dumbing the games down for non RPG fans.

And I can't get into the vast majority of JRPGs. from the cringy artstyles & writing, to the non existent character creation/customization, the linearity/non reactivity, ect..

So I'll go with neither for these 2 choices.
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Eh,, this is more about comparing the two best selling games in both sub genres.
Ok, but I think it's a bad comparison. Many are burned out on Skyrim. Morrowind matches up much better. Both games are considered the best by fans. Both were evolution to full 3D worlds. Both are viewed through rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. Not that I think it will change the vote much since it boils down to east vs west.
Nov 24, 2018
Not an interesting question at all, if money's so important then gacha game #38923489 above all of gaming. No reason at all to compare the best selling of anything, many wouldn't pick FFVII over Skyrim but would pick a JRPG that sold way less over Skyrim any day or would pick FFVII over Skyrim but a WRPG that sold less than Skyrim over it.
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Oct 24, 2017
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Bonus discussion: What do modern JRPGS need to do to sell more copies to a mainstream audience?

Become more like older JRPG's and less like WRPG's. i can only speak for me but here goes:

- Many modern JRPG combat and progression systems are too complex and take hours of tutorials to full explain them, that's not fun and often I just won't use the optional stuff anyway. Complex yet easy to learn is the way to go.
- Concentrate on a single story with very few (but worthy) side quests. A game that consists of hundreds of quest is a turn off for me. A quest to dig into each characters past is great but quests to collect 10 pieces of cheese is....just a waste of time.
- Don't use all the extra space to bore the player to tears with novels worth of text and go easy on the cutscenes. Just tell a good story without acting like we a toddlers.

...and that's really all I can think of. I prefer turn based combat but real time combat is ok too. Stop trying to chase the open world, quest driven games. Who isn't tired of fetch quests, escort quests and even kill quests?
May 17, 2018
You can compare RPG's to RPG's. Your response is as useful as not responding at all. You are basically saying 'I can't make this comparison so I won't.'
It's really not a comparison Skyrim's world is huge compared to FF7. The sheer amount things you can do at random compared to FF7 linear story makes it hard to compare.


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Mar 22, 2017
I personally enjoying the crap out JRPG we getting this gen especially games like DQXI, P5, NieR, Octopath and Xenoblade 2 has been amazing to me, I'm very happy with the JRPG the amount of quality we are getting.
Dec 6, 2013
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Not a lot in common between these but I'd go with FFVII.

I like the world, story and characters better. It's not perfect but it was just more unique and memorable, Skyrim is a generic medieval fantasy world with a generic medieval fantasy plot. The gameplay isn't particularly strong in either of them but overall I prefer a basic turn based combat system over Skyrims janky first person combat
Mar 14, 2013
it's a tough one on paper.... but the hours spent don't lie. spent way more time on skyrim, and i could jump into it right now and easily whittle away 5 hrs or so. can't say that about FF7 though both were life changing