Sleeping Dogs film coming starring Donnie Yen

Yeah, he's either not going to be Wei or it's going to be way rewritten. The entire thrust of the main plot of SD involves young characters scrapping for their pieces. Kind hard to show when your lead is in his 50s.
I thought the same thing. Donnie Yen is 53 years old.

Wasn't Wei Shen like a rookie cop?
Still skeptical. Any Hong Kong action movie starring Yen is a dope prospect, but it's still a video game adaptation and several of them star notable actors and still turn out garbage.
I would expect this to emulate all the Hong Kong action films that inspired it in the first place. Which means this could be a really fun movie, especially with Donnie Yen as the lead. Man is he old AF to be playing Wei Shen tho
Donnie Yen is a stud, the film can't be any worse than the last Hitman film, and the film could possibly revive the IP for a sequel? I'm in.
Love Donnie Yen!!! I have to agree with other ppl though that he's a bit old for the role. I think he'll still be able to pull it off though. Ip man for life!
I'm in. Love Sleeping Dogs. No way in hell they screw this up. Part of what makes Sleeping Dogs so good is because it plays out like a HK martial artist crime movie.