Sleeping Dogs film coming starring Donnie Yen

This is cool, and I liked Sleeping Dogs, but i'm watching this mostly to see Donnie Yen do stuff more like Flashpoint or SPL

And just as I posted this...^


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Better than nothing, and actually a pretty cool idea.
Game was awesome, will watch. Though there are other actors I would have preferred, like the guy Wei Shen was actually based on. Oh well.
United Front Games made Modnation Racers and Sleeping Dogs, two games that I absolutely loved to play. I still can't believe that they shut the studio down and never made a sequel for either of those.
I love IP Man but the guy from Sleeping Dogs wasn't 53 years old but more like his early to mid 30s. This changes the dynamic of the character.

But still day one.
I find the age argument odd. Makeup and general cinema techniques can go a long way in this area. DY doesn't even look that old either it isn't too far of a stretch. There is also no reason to believe Wei has to be the same age in the movie. Finding a suitable person that can carry the weight of the combat is far more important.

Any ways. I always thought DY would make a good fit for this role. I'm instantly in for the martial arts.

Considering some of the environmental executions and brutality of the game I wonder how the movie will approach it. Hopefully they don't shy away from it.
I love the man but he feels a bit old for Wei Shen? I always imagined Wei to be early to mid 30s, that guys over 50 right?
Yeah, Donnie is amazing and he's in great shape, but he's not really what I'd imagined Wei to be like.

Anyway, my automatic reaction to this is that it will never get made anyway. Is Hong Kong cinema more reliable at videogame adaptations than Hollywood?
Next game gonna have Wing Chun combat style with a parry system. Can't wait.
That would be great, although I suspect a sequel will only be commissioned if the film is a smash-hit, and then a film sequel and a game sequel will go into development at the same time. I've no idea at all who would develop it though. United Front were so great :(

I would have also liked a really great Modnation Racers sequel that improved and expanded on the ideas of the first game.
I've never seen anything he's in but at least looks- and age-wise, this feels like bad casting. If they're roughly sticking to the game's plot/characters, that is.


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He must of had some surgery to be looking like that at 57