Smash Bros. 3DS Japanese Packaging POSSIBLY Indicates Snake is cut from the game


It isn't clear to me if this packaging is actual game packaging or if it is promotional packaging, but Konami is not listed as a character credit.

As Baron Von Loathsome pointed out, there is a list of 3rd party guests focused on the back, but Snake is not mentioned at all.

Thanks to Tripon for packaging.
It wouldn't make a lot of sense if he's still in it.

Rather have Pacman, Megaman etc. At least those games are still on Nintendo platforms.
Makes room for more relevant characters.

Side note: 2.1GB? That 4GB card included with the XL didn't last long. Also, I wish NA had these download vouchers in stores for all games. It would allow retailers to offer sales on digital games.
Regardless of Snake speculation, it's cool that we're close enough to start seeing detailed packaging (even if only promotional). Japanese release is so soon. O.O
I agree, I just doesn't make much sense for him to be in the game.

If there is one platform I don't associate Metal Gear with it's Wii/WiiU. He was more out of place than some of the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale characters
Delighted. He never fit in, and Brawl was worse for having him in it. I say that as a huge MGS fan. The original "Snake in Brawl" reveal was amazing, though.

No one should be surprised.
Game is worse off if Snake (or anyone) is cut, but I had already resigned myself to this possibility.

What a bummer. Snake was a fun character with a unique flavor, both mechanically and thematically.
I don't know if this proves anything. "APE" is absent too, so going by this logic Ness and Lucas are cut as well.
It at least proves this is concrete evidence. Unless Creatures and APE are the same entity now (which I'm not sure).

I do know in previous Smash games APE / Itoi always appeared somewhere.

What if his exclusion turns out to leave room foorrrr....

Well, Inkling fits Smash infinitely better than Snake, but I doubt they'd ever put a character from an unreleased game. That being said, I want both. :)
By that logic he wouldn't have been in Brawl.

I enjoyed playing as Snake a lot. Very unique moveset.
They had that MGS: Twin snakes co-developed project I guess, even if it was for the GCN. Last thing a Nintendo system got was a bad port of MGS3 released after MGS HD collection at full price.
Good, good.
It made zero sense to be again on it. The only great thing were the codec calls and his reveal, and the joke was already done.

The bad thing is loosing a unique set. It's a pity becuase it could have been use as a more parody thing with Ray from Disaster, too bad the game sold like shit and america didnt even got it, because I loved it. Also main theme is great and would have loved to see a stage with all the disasters included as hazards.