Smash Bros 4 roster to be completely revealed next month on corocoro

Now, they may still not show every character. It may just be trying to hype up their magazine. Maybe they mean all the characters that have already been revealed? It's a possibility.

Also, there's nothing about a Direct.
Kinda crazy how we won't be debating about characters anymore for 4 whole months before the Wii U version is released (not counting JapanGAF).

How will we hype??

EDIT: I mean, I guess there's always the 3DS version. Unless the lack of 3DS owners in my vicinity has anything to say about it
This is... a weird thing to do.

I thought Sakurai and Nintendo would run these kinds of announcements by their own channels. Why announce EVERYTHING in a magazine? I know CoroCoro is big with Pokémon but with Smash this seems completely ass-backwards.