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Smash Legends for PC, iOS, and Android soft launches in Q1 2021


Nov 21, 2014

Publisher LINE Games and developer 5minlab will release player-versus-player multiplayer action game Smash Legends in Early Access for PC via Steam and in soft launch for iOS and Android in Q1 2021 with cross-play support, the companies announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via LINE Games:
Scheduled to be launched globally in the first half of 2021, Smash Legends is a player-versus-player multiplayer action game for mobile device and PC.

In Smash Legends, players will engage in action-packed, three-minute battles of knocking the competitors out from the arena ring. Smash Legends is characterized by its simple and intuitive controls that even players not familiar with the genre can easily adjust to.

There will be various player-versus-player modes to choose from, ranging from head-to-head duel, three-versus-three capture point, to eight-player battle royale.

The game has been actively engaging with enthusiastic players around the world since its first Community Group Test (CGT) in May 2020, and will present even more improved gameplay and over six various in-game modes through its soft launch in Q1.

As a multiplatform game, Smash Legends will be available for download on Google Play, App Store, and through Steam Early Access with cross-play support.

Here is a screenshot of the PC version:

And here is a screenshot of the mobile version:

The game is giving me Brawl Stars vibes which is the only game I play on mobile.

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