Smite |OT| Release The Quacken

Nice OT! Love this game. I've played it almost every day for the past 6 months. The direct control and 3rd person view definitely sets it apart from other MOBAs.
Played one of the betas a whole back. I enjoyed the 3rd person. It has quite a different feel from other mobas.

I want to see some other pantheons though. We all know everyone wants a Jesus champ.
How beginner friendly is it? It's always looked interesting to me.
If you have played other MOBAs, you'll most likely feel right at home. If not, the genre takes some learning, but it isn't too bad. I feel like SMITE offers a more casual, user friendly experience as well.

How long does a game tend to last?
Depends on the game mode. A good conquest match where you aren't getting dominated could last awhile. MOBAs are all about pushing lanes and that tug of war to kill towers. Some might be 20 minutes, some might be 50 minutes. It all depends. Arena/joust matches on the other hand are usually shorter.
How beginner friendly is it? It's always looked interesting to me.
Pretty friendly. I had never really played a MOBA before this when I got in to it and that was before they added all the new tutorial stuff. Now besides the straight forward tutorial, they have a section where you can practice against all the different minions (lane minions, Fire Giant, Gold Fury, another God, etc), they have bot matches for Conquest, Arena, and Joust (though the bots are pretty dumb), and stuff like auto leveling and suggesting items for each God in-game.
How beginner friendly is it? It's always looked interesting to me.
It's very friendly since the movement (WASD) system is very intuitive.

I do recommend learning the item system in arena matches though. If you start off doing Conquest mode without knowing what you are doing, your team is going to hate you.

Arena and Assault are both great modes for learning the ropes.
This game is super fun. If I wasn't so invested into League of Legends I would totally play this.

It's just a good time, and the smart ping system they use is amazing.
general tips
-you might want to make a smurf account to test gods you might be interested in so instead of wasting your favor on gods you might not be good with on your main account you can just make a smurf account and pay 100 favor to rent a god and play around with them on there in later posts ill post tactics for each god with diagrams and stuff so you can look through those to see if you like the play style of different gods
- before playing a new god you should try them out a little bit in some of the practice modes its a good place to check out gods and items builds every god has different projectile speeds if your ranged or has different hit progression so mess around with that and get used to the gods you want to play there
-learning basic vgs commands will be very useful early on in your smite playing these are some key ones:
VF is enemy missing add 1,2 or 3 to say what lane is missing so if your in middle lane and the person your laning against is not there you would hit VF2 for enemy missing middle
VVB is be right back if your laning with someone and need to go back to heal or buy a item or for whatever reason use this to let your partner know you are heading back so they dont do something stupid like attack the enemy with them thinking you are still there
VR is retreat should use this when you see team mates pushing to far and you dont see any of the enemy team on the map so you should assume they are going to gank your team mates that are pushing just let them know to retreat before its to late and they get ganked by hitting VR followed by 1,2 or 3 to designate the lane
VG is gank use this to let your team mates know where to help kill enemies say your in middle lane and your being pushed back to your tower really hard you might want to call for some help by hitting VG2 for gank middle lane
simple responses
VVY yes
VVN no
VVGG good game
- you move slower walking backwards then you do going forwards so when you need to run away do not walk backwards you will just slowly move backwards while the enemy punches a hole through your face i see more new people die because they walk backwards then anything else
- attacking enemy gods near enemy minions or towers will cause the minions or towers to attack you and early game these things are very deadly minions can take you from 100% health to 0% in seconds so be patient and just clear the minions before you engage the enemy gods
- once you push your lane all the way to the enemy tower feel free to roam the map a bit and help your team mates with ganks or go into the jungle for buffs it will take the enemy a while to push back your minion waves but do head back when you see your lane being pushed back towards your tower i usually head back to my lane once the enemy gets their wave of minions about half way down the map towards my tower
- map awareness is very key any time you are not actively being attacked by a enemy god you should be looking at the map to see where the enemy are and how the rest of your team are holding up and judge who needs help the most
- a tower is never worth dying over if your tower is almost dead and you are hurt yourself and there are a bunch of enemy gods just waiting there to kill you just go back to base and heal its not worth them getting a kill and destroying your tower on top of it
- but if you are going to defend a tower by yourself and its just you guarding it and its being pushed clear the enemy minions first that way the tower will target the enemy gods other wise it gives the enemy free range to take your tower down and if you have full health when they attack try and get in their way so they hit you and force the tower to attack them

ill keep updating this post when i get free time and ill add itemization and god tactics as we go along
Wow great OT BeekleMatter. Very impressive work!

How long does a game tend to last?
Conquest mode is just like a regular Dota 2 or LoL match, so an average of about 30-45 mins.

Domination is shorter, about 20-30 mins.

Arena mode is the shortest (which is why it's my favorite), usually around 15-20 mins.

How beginner friendly is it? It's always looked interesting to me.
It's definitely more beginner friendly than Dota 2 and LoL. It didn't take me too long to get the hang of it. Just be sure to read up on some guides for the beginner gods so you know the basic item/skill builds for them beforehand.

It's a MOBA, so just be prepared to deal with some assholes when you're new (and also when you're not new). Remember: the mute button is your friend.
Really? Lol, I haven't played in a while. It's gonna be a whole different game when I finally get to play again!
There are some big changes, but they only made the game better IMHO (expect for the removal of domination, I still don't get it, it was great). They have been struggling with server issues for a while though, hopefully it won't affect the launch.
great game I should play some more sometime. Im actually surprised theres no whispers of a ps4/xone release, as the game seems like it would transfer to a controller well.
great game I should play some more sometime. Im actually surprised theres no whispers of a ps4/xone release, as the game seems like it would transfer to a controller well.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were thinking about it. It would need a UI overhaul for controllers though and they're not a huge team so I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon.
I've never played a moba, and even after reading up on them I still don't really "get it".

Anytime care to help me out here or have some good links?

Do all these games consist of is pvp in various battles arenas?
No one knows. It just says limited time offer. I'm not sure if it will go away when the beta ends (in 4 days) or if it'll stick around for awhile. It's an amazing deal.
They said about a week ago that it will stay even after the beta ends, but it might increase in price in the future (not in the near future though).
Don't give Hi-Rez your money people, they will give up on this game like they usually do.
Here is some candid feedback on our (Hi-Rez Studios) history and thoughts around the future of Smite:

Some players will look at the HiRez history of game development and arrive at misinformed conclusions, so here are more facts to help everyone understand us and the game development/publishing world. Some of the following was already posted in a post several months ago but people were nice enough to downvote it into the negative zone.

The first and most important thing to note is that MOST games fail (remember that most people tend to remember the ones that did well), SOME games break even, and a tiny number of games are very successful. That’s the nature of the gaming industry. So for every WoW, LoL, CoD, and TF2 there are hundreds of games that are dead.

Global Agenda was our first game and it lost a lot of money. It was not a total loss since we did build significant technology and platforms that would help us develop our next games (Tribes & Smite). We continued to fund Global Agenda for more than a year after it was released and losing money, we continued to create content and new features but no matter how much work we did the user base kept declining.

We created Tribes Ascend since we love Tribes, we made it F2P so everyone can have easy access to it. We didn’t think Tribes Ascend would be a financial windfall but it was worth a risk to try. Tribes Ascend ended up being break-even at best. It’s very possible we made some mistakes in how we monetize it, but our priority was to get as many people to play as possible (without losing too much money in the process). Tribes received exceptional reviews, we kept adding new features and content, but just like Global Agenda the user base kept declining no matter what we did. (That happens to 99% of the games) Some people have asked for us to provide more tools for community content creation, but our infrastructure and development platform does not support that ability well and the cost and time to develop those features is extremely high. Contrary to the belief that we were ‘milking’ tribes to support the development of Smite, if we didn’t develop another game that could support the studios the company and the Tribe servers would have closed down. Tribes was also reviewed by outside publishers for both console port potential and other regions like China, the evaluations we received from numerous potential publishers was that it was too niche and difficult as a mainstream product (their words, not ours) and they were not interested in publishing it. We would have had to significantly change the game-play which our current Tribes user base would disagree with (for example; much much slower movement, reduce or no skiing, instant fire, etc)

How much did it cost to do the above? At that point I personally funded all the game development with over $30 million of funding (losses) and generated about $10 million in revenue (split fairly evenly between GA and Tribes) so overall we spend about $40 million running the company vs $10 million in revenue. Yes, my wife thinks I’m crazy, but what does she know about playing and making video games :)

Smite is very unusual.

Smite is one of those rare games that’s actually growing every month, and is also profitable. This is allowing us to grow the Smite team and deliver weekly updates and content (from 15 people initially to about 80 people now). In addition, many outside publishers were interested in Smite and we are fortunate enough to have made a deal with Tencent who is the most prestigious partner we can have for our type of game.

Given everything we know Smite should have a long and successful future which is why we are very excited as a company and continue to work our butts off to make Smite the best Moba game in the world.

This game is backed by Tencent and launched in China. It's not going anywhere any time soon.
... arent all mobas 3rd person

This game is backed by Tencent and launched in China. It's not going anywhere any time soon.
They tried to monetize tribes in stupid ways.

I hope they've learned their lesson.

I also totally disagree that player base is a one way street. They could still totally turn tribes around but it seems they've moved on.
I wouldn't call it a new take on MOBA.. Super Monday Night Combat did it a couple years ago now.

Smite looks interesting anyways...
The big difference between Smite and Super Monday Night combat is that SMNC has vertical combat. Jumping, flying, wall running, etc all goes down in SMNC. In Smite, there is no aiming up or down. Flying abilities make characters mostly unhittable.

Now I can see if this might turn you off if you're thinking of it as a third person shooter style game. The way you really have to look at it though is a MOBA/Lords Management/Whatever the hell you wanna call it game that focuses more on mobility, awareness of the immediate space around your character, and manually aiming your attacks, or "skill shots."
... arent all mobas 3rd person

They tried to monetize tribes in stupid ways.

I hope they've learned their lesson.

I also totally disagree that player base is a one way street. They could still totally turn tribes around but it seems they've moved on.
Monetization is much better on Smite. Buying weapons, armor, upgrades, etc was iffy in Tribes, in Smite is much simpler and consumer friendly: you buy a god. End of story. Or you buy all the gods, even more end of the story.

I don't think Tribes had what it takes to make a popular F2P shooter. The game is too hard for your average gamer. Fast movement, complex shooting, high skill ceiling. I played for 100 hours and I was barely ok at the end of it. They released several maps and weapons in the post-release support, but the game never caught on except for a minority. It had good reviews but I suspect it had low retention of players, which is very bad for a f2p game. The changes proposed by the community would made part of that community happier but it wouldn't have increased the size.