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SNES Classic Preorder Shitshow Discussion (Please Read Rules in OP)


You don't need to resort to inflated prices on ebay just yet. There are stock trackers like https://www.hotstock.io that will alert you when the SNES is next in stock at the regular stores - at regular prices!
yeah im trying to just wait and hope I get lucky, I was never able to get the nes classic but supposedly this one isn't as hard to get but my area is totally wiped out, I have asked a couple stores if they have received shipments since launch and they said yes but its random and they are gone quick

Chitown B

what kind of bullshit is Walmart playing at? I got all the way through in my cart, completed and "we're sorry the item is not available"

uh, putting it in my cart should remove it from the pool, morons.


8/22 Walmart order here.

JUST SHIPPED, finally! FedEx tracking number too.

Lmao that's almost comical.

I worked so hard for my 8/22 pre-order and the following one only to end up losing BOTH due to not being able to change my credit card on the order after being hacked. I was assured MULTIPLE TIMES that the order would go through regardless. I took no chances and waited 4 hours in line at walmart for the midnight release and did end up getting one. So it did work out in the end.. glad I did not trust their asses though! The manager at the midnight release was wonderful though. Handed out numbered water bottles, etc


I went to Walmart during my lunch break to get my daughter a Xmas gift and figured what the heck let’s check electronics. They had 6 snes’s, I was shocked. I just bought a switch and didn’t want to spend the money but had to grab one


I just came back from Best Buy in Naples FL and there was about 15 SNES Classics still in stock. So if you are still looking for one, check out Best Buy.

Finally got my own.

Crew 511A

I got mine on launch day. Is it just me, or did Nintendo do a much better job of meeting demand this time around? The ones I'm seeing for sale in the Facebook groups are only going for 80 to 100 bucks.
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