SNES Gaf fall in - what's your history with the system?

one amazing thing, i hadnt played any snes games snes the mid 90's. then in 2004 or so i discovered emulation. I really want on a huge walk down memory lane playing every game i had owned, etc. a lot of games i was never able to beat, i finally got through. my god it was amazing.

another amazing thing is the proliferation of game music on youtube from snes, and games in generaly. before it was always music i had strong memories of from year and years ago. I never bought any ost cds or anything, so its really been great to play and listen to all this stuff again.
I remember first seeing SNES games in issue 27 of Nintendo Power.

I must have read that particular issue cover to cover dozens of times. I was completely blown away by the screenshots they had of Actraiser and GRadius III, and the writeup on Super Mario World just seemed too good to be true. I wouldn't get an SNES of my own until 1993; prior to that I practically lived at my cousin's house who had gotten it for CHristmas in 92. Since I wasn't old enough to work at the time me and my circle of friends traded games constantly and were at the mercy of the pawnshops in the area that allowed us to trade one game for another. Around the middle of 94 I started to receive a social security check along with my mother and the majority of that money went to new games. When I look back on it, I'm amazed that I was able to play nearly every game I wanted despite limited means, I guess I was truly one of the lucky ones.
Got my SNES in Christmas '92. Didn't know it existed till I saw it in a mall. Bought with 5 games; Super Mario World, F-Zero (This one bundled with system by the store), Super Tennis, Super Ghosts n Ghouls and Final Fight.

I have bought total of 34 games in SNES lifetime.

Most played game is Street Fighter 2, followed by NBA Jam.

Latest game bought NEW: Kirby Super Star in 1998.

Number of broken gamepads: 6. Dammit, Mortal Kombat 2.
I never had an SNES as a kid, I was the Genesis type and the kind of kid that would flaunt my uncensored Mortal Kombat over all the SNES owners in my class. Don't regret it at all, as I hated RPGs back then and Gunstar Heroes is my favorite game to this day, but I did learn to appreciate the SNES in time.

My cousin had one, and I spent pretty much every single weekend in the mid-90s at his house playing Mario Kart and Peace Keepers with him. The latter is pretty unknown but my god it was fun as hell and had the most insane translation ever.

Wasn't until 2000 or so that my friend basically forced me to play a bunch of SNES RPGs. The first was Terranigma that didn't really click with me, but Chrono Trigger and Seiken Densetsu 3 sure did. Over the summer I beat a substantial chunk of what the SNES had to offer, I was so obsessive that I cleared FF4 and Earthbound in the same week.


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I got the system when I was 4 or 5 years old for Xmas, and I still have one flashback of me playing Super Mario World on that Christmas while my parents were getting ready for the family party at my grandma's.

I also remember receiving Super Mario All Stars by mail without expecting it at all. I think my mom won it at a contest or something, but never told me.

Or receiving DKC3 on Christmas, expecting it to be a t-shirt or something boring since the box it was in was a clothing store box.

Annnnnd many more. Had a lot of great times with this system! And i'm still discovering and playing new SNES games to this day. Played Super Metroid for the first time 2 years ago, and I'm about to start Super Castlevania IV very soon.
Got one near launch(at Christmas). Picked up Super Mario World(pack in), Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Gradius III, F-Zero, Final Fight, and Castlevania.

I Thought it was a great system, but it just didn't last long enough for my tastes.

It's funny. The original NES felt like it would never die(and didn't...until 1994). But it seemed like they couldn't wait to put the SNES to rest and move on to the N64.

But despite what felt like an abbreviated lifespan, it still managed to be one of the greatest systems ever made.
It's the only console that I've sold TWICE due to disinterest. Whenever I got my first SNES (which I shared ownership of with my siblings), I definitely played it more than the Genesis that we got at the same time. (Best Christmas ever!) Whenever we rented games, it was nearly ALWAYS SNES games. Whenever I was in my last one or two years of high school, though, I got so much more into the Genesis. I started to actually buy games, rather than rent them. I'd also get new games for Christmas, of course.

Once I moved away to attend college, I left the consoles behind, and I ended up buying another Genesis and SNES with my very first paycheck. (Previously, I relied on money from holidays and mowing yards.) At this point, I'd say that it was about dead even as far as which console I supported with new game purchases. Thing is, I was basing most of my purchases on other people's recommendations, and most of the big-name SNES games (e.g. Contra III, Final Fantasy VI, Super Metroid, etc.) just really underwhelmed me. It didn't help that I'd also played the Hell out of Chrono Trigger to the point that I simple stopped playing it. Great game, but I played it far too much. All that remained for me was Mega Man X, the sole reason that I even hooked up my SNES for several years.

At one point, though, I just didn't want the SNES or any of those games anymore, so I sold them. Genesis was more than enough for me as far as 16-bit games went, and I'd gotten into Saturn and Dreamcast in the meantime. I did, however, eventually get the urge to play Mega Man X on original hardware, and I was thankfully able to get my original SNES from back home.

I didn't bother to buy any games, aside from Mega Man X. There were some other games that we had with the SNES at home, but I never really bothered playing any of those. Whenever I moved more recently, I just sold all of it again. I have the Mega Man X Collection on GameCube, anyway.

With Genesis, it's different. Sure, you can buy eighty different re-releases of any given game, but Sega's never managed to get the sound emulation in its Genesis emulators right. Even unofficial emulators don't get the sound 100% right. I just prefer having the original hardware, and the game library has a much better focus on short, arcade-style games, which suit me better.
Natetan said:
Sniff. The best strategy guides ever. No bullshit. No padding. It was all business. I loved those Nintendo Players guides so much.

That guide and Nintendo Power were my first glimpses of the SNES. My friend down the road had a parent that worked for Nintendo of America. He got the SNES about a month or so before it was supposed to come out, so I obviously spent most of my free time down there playing games all the time. He would continue to get free games all the time, and usually a bit of time before the retail release. I remember taking turns playing FF II over there.

As for my own SNES, it was not until I moved away that I got one for Christmas one year. I remember snooping around for presents and finding it a few weeks before Christmas. Those weeks were torture...

zerotol said:
I'm pretty sure I paid $80 for this when it came out:

but it was sooo worth it!
Yup. I paid for my games by not eating a full lunch at school. I got lunch money from my parents every day, but only got a bag of chips and a soda instead of a full meal. So I saved up the difference each day then walked to the local game store down the road from school to buy my games.
I got mine when I was four years old. Of course I played the shit out of Super Mario World. My cousin used to come over all the time and we'd try to beat the game ever so slowly and try to figure out how to unlock all the levels. Took us years, mostly cause I liked starting a new file every now and then and sticking around Yoshi's Island since it was the easiest for me. I played a lot of licensed games back then, like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Pagemaster (that old Macauly Caulkin movie with the talking books), The Lion King, Aladdin...back when licensed games could be pretty good.

It was on my sixth birthday when I truly started enjoying the hell out of my SNES. Got Super Metroid, Street Fighter II, Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario All-Stars and Turtles in Time. Best goddamn birthday ever and it was gaming bliss for years.

There were other games I picked up a long the road like DKC2, DKC3, Yoshi's Island, Top Gear, Illusion Gaia...surprising not a lot of RPGs like other people. It really lasted me all of the 90s till I got a PlayStation back in 2000. I did eventually play the classics when I got older. Those were such great times and it still holds a special place in my heart.
I got mine around 4 or 5 in a big box that had an NES (w/SMB and Duck Hunt) and 2 SNESs with Street Fighter 2 and SMW. So I gave one to my best friend.

In case you're wondering why I got that much stuff, my dad used to be the warehouse manager for the Montgomery Ward in our area. In those days, if people returned their games and stuff, they couldn't really do much about stuff that was already opened, so more often than not, I got their stuff. So I ended up with a good amount of stuff for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy. Out of all the stuff I got, I had maybe like 3 things that didn't work (Primal Rage, a 32X, and the Doom game that came with the 32X). Sadly, I stopped getting "free" stuff around the time the PS1/N64 came out; that and Wards went bankrupt.

Anywho, me and my friend played the hell outta our SNESs. Mostly played Street Fighter, but also Mortal Kombat and a ton of other stuff. Too bad I never really got any stuff like the Final Fantasy games and Super Metroid. (Went and got them later though and played 'em.)
I really like this thread. Brings back great memories. Like learning the word "pearl" from Mario RPG and hearing the music of Mega Man X for the first time (bricks were shat).
It was the first console I purchased with Yoshi's Island as well as A Link to the Past. I wouldn't ask for a better start. It made me feel like an adult that I owned my very own console, to come of age.

My favorites

1. Yoshi's Island
2. A Link to the Past
3. Super Metroid
4. Donkey Kong Country
5. Super Mario World
6. Final Fantasy VI
7. Super Mario Kart
8. Chrono Trigger
9. Street Fighter 2
10. Secret of Mana

They've aged beautifully.
Games console of the forever. Man, I have more nostalgia for this thing than any other gaming platform.

I was a very lucky boy, and got bought a Japanese import Super Famicom when I was 11.

I always felt sorry for the Americans when I saw that odd boxy purple release they did there (Why they re-designed it, I'll never know).
I got F-Zero and Super Mario World with it, but yeh, so many good memories. Contra 3, Pilotwings.

What was that super hard side scroller where you were a huge Mecha with little dudes running around and stuff... name is on the tip of my tongue.

Mmmm, tempted to get a SNES from one of these retro stores... and an old CRT as well :)
The SNES always played/controlled slow and clunky to me and the music sounded like they used too much horns/trumpets. I really didn't play it too much, but I was always jealous of those who could afford a Neo Geo while I had a SNES.
Super Mario World blew my mind!
Super Bomberman blew my friends minds
Super Metroid... What else needs to be said

I played alot of the favorites that people listed but I remember renting and playing Secret of Mana one weekend. I stayed locked up in my room the entire weekend(took breaks of course) because you only had the game for 3 days before you had to return it, and it was freaking awesome! Even though I beat the game I would later rent it 2 more times (3 player multi-tap) before buying it myself.

Also remember playing FF6 after a friend showed it to me...


...Months later I decided to give it another chance and it ended up being my favorite Final Fantasy.

I bought Chrono Trigger because Chrono and Marle reminded me of Secret of Mana's main characters with Alternate colors... and the graphics looked insane! Had to save up alot of allowances because the damn gamet cost me 70 dollars brand new. It had some 32 meg chip inside or something that made it more expensive then the older games.
70 dollars back then! Damn Nintendo Carts... but worth every penny.
How can you beat 15 endings
Without a doubt, Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all time.

I remember my parents calling it the "Super Duper Nintendo" and I was surprised to see that they had put a piece of paper with that name on the box when I opened it on my birthday as a child. :)

Most of my all-time favorite games are on SNES:

-Secret of Mana
-Yoshi's Island
-Tetris Attack
-Chrono Trigger
-Zelda: A Link to the Past
-Super Metroid

Everything was just perfect - amazing 2D graphics, timeless soundtracks, and simply fun gameplay.

I'm still actively trying to expand my SNES collection, but boxed games are really hard to find.
My most recent finds are Jurassic Park and Super Godzilla, both CIB for $10 each.
During my last few years in Japan, I built up a pretty amazing CIB Super Famicom collection too!

I now own 3 SNES consoles (in various shades of grey/yellow, haha) and 3 versions of the Super Famicom: the original, Super Famicom Jr., and a giant "Super Famicom Box" hotel unit.

Once I get a few more TVs, I'm going to have one set up in every room. :)


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For me, I was a Genesis man for several years. It wasn't until I played the Lunar games on Sega CD that I got back into RPGs (played Dragon Warrior as a kid, was too difficult for me then...), and that's what got me to hunt down an SNES at a local pawn shop and pick up Squaresoft games.

Ah, the memories. ^^
Phat Michael said:
Damn i just remembered, i paid $165 for Chronotrigger and $125 for Final Fantasy III (I had a Pal SNES so had to buy the US versions and a superkey to run them)
I remember taking a perfect boxed copy of Chronotrigger to a GameStop to trade in at the time and the guy wouldn't take it (during PS1 years) so this other customer followed me outside and offered me $30 for it and I took it.

I should have held on to it.
Ah, memories... I would say that all things being equal, the SNES was probably the best system I ever owned. There were so many great ground-breaking games that ate up countless hours of my youth. I got it the day it came out at KB Toys for $299. I paid for half with money I got from selling my NES collection (something I regretted later) and my dad paid the other half. So all you fuckers that whine about console prices these days; yeah, STFU.

Anyways, the system came with Super Mario World and within a few weeks, I got Final Fight and F-Zero too. Other early games that blew my mind (and a lot of time) included Actraiser and Sim City. Later on I loved Star Fox, Super Metroid, Mega Man X, Super Double Dragon, Super Mario Kart, and of course, Street Fighter II (and Turbo).

When all was said and done though, the game that I would say I played the most was Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. That game... So good! It was - and still is - the best Zelda game ever made. Maybe even the best action RPG ever made. Tran-fucking-scendant.
SNES will always be my favorite system. Wii and DS got pretty close, but nothing tops SNES in my eyes. Some of my favorite lesser talked about games:

Illusion of Gaia
Secret of Evermore
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose

plus all the big titles, of course. I have so many SNES games that I love that it'd be a waste to post them all.
I remember calling the store to see what games were available with the launch and the assistant telling me each game. As the games all have the prefix super, I replied with super as a way of saying thanks. She never got the joke.
Back to topic, best console Nintendo ever released.
Other than kiosks with Super Mario World @ Target in early fall 1991, my first real hands-on experience with the SNES came on my birthday in November of that year.

I was in 6th grade and had some buddies over. My mom had rented a SNES for the weekend and the following games: Final Fight, F-Zero, and Populous. Likely they were the only games available to rent from the local Blockbusters, so she just grabbed all they had.

I remember being completely blown away- and although I was most excited for Final Fight and F-Zero, I went away from that weekend enjoying Populous the most. I'd never played a game like that before and it really stuck with me.

I eventually got the SNES for Christmas that year and during the break played some amazing games, like Pilotwings, SimCity, Actraiser, Super Castlevania IV, Super Ghouls n' Ghosts, etc.
Absolutely amazing time.

First game I bought on my own via 'good grades money' was Final Fantasy II in February 1992, mostly because I had the opportunity to play a little bit of it with my cousins that previous winter and was transfixed by it.

Absolutely amazing time. One of those periods in my life I'll never forget.
Picked up a Japanese import, didn't work properly on my old telly so I was stuck with it in B&W for a couple of weeks before getting a mutisystem TV, I liked the console early on, F-Zero was awesome, even back then I could see the limitations compared to coin-ops.

Went with a mate to pick up Street Fighter II (£120), magazines had swore it was a perfect conversion and although it played well I was dissapointed and flogged the whole lot off for a supergun and bootleg SFII Champion Edition board.

There's a few really good games I enjoyed: Zelda, Castlevania IV, Mario Kart, Contra...maybe more but I didn't really get into the console like others did.
Marco1 said:
I remember calling the store to see what games were available with the launch and the assistant telling me each game. As the games all have the prefix super, I replied with super as a way of saying thanks. She never got the joke.
Back to topic, best console Nintendo ever released.
I think you meant "best console ever released."


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I got mine the first Christmas they were available. We had just bought our second NES the summer prior as our first one died. So naturally mom told me I wasn't getting a Super anything, she'd just spent $150-$200 (it was the 4 player one) on a videogame console so another one was out of the question.

Christmas morning rolled around and despite being told repeatedly I wasn't getting one I still raced to the living room in hopes of seeing a gigantic square box. There wasn't anything under the tree that size. I was pretty disappointed.

Turns out SNES's come in freakishly slender boxes compared to the NES Sports Set.

Remains my favorite console of all time.
Natetan said:
I was just flipping through this two days ago. Really takes me back to a great time in gaming.

Anyway I got a SNES for Christmas around when it launched. I wanted to play Mario World so much I actually replaced the SNES in the box with something heavy, and then proceeded to secretly play through the entire game. I finished it a few days before Christmas and got caught when trying to put it back in its box. Nobody was too angry though, but I did feel a bit ashamed.

Then came Final Fantasy II, which absolutely blew my mind at the time. Music, Graphics, and story were unlike anything I had seen in games. I must have rented it over half a dozen times. I still remember tapping the R and L buttons to run away, not realizing that you had to actually press them down together. I don't think I realized it until near the end.

And Actraiser, Soulblazer, Lagoon, Sim City, UN Squadron, Secret Of Mana, FF V (first import SFC game), FF Mystic Quest, F-Zero, Mario Kart, DKC, Castlevania IV, Mystical Ninja, Contra 3, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Earthbound, and oh so many others. Thinking back on the SNES I am taken to a real comfort zone. Thanks to the Wii Virtual Console I am able to re-experience a great deal of those games I loved so much.

I have been on a big SNES kick these last few weeks, and am probably going to play something right now on Wii.
The SNES was my second home console and the first I bought with my own money. I got it in may 1993, about a year after launch (it launched in april ’92 here in europe).

I only had Super Mario World until I got Super Mario All-Stars for christmas the same year. In total I got 14 games for the system (not incl. SMW), 9 then and 5 from eBay later. Like the NES before it I could rent games for SNES at the local movie rental shop, so I’ve probably finished about 30 games for it.

My favourite games are Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1&2, Unirally, Zelda and Killer Instinct.
My favourite rentals were Rock’n’Roll Racing, Turtles in Time and various soccer games (FIFA, ISS, Sensible..)
Fong Ghoul said:
November 1992. Dad took me to Kiddie City to get one for my 11th birthday. I could get two games with it, and I picked SimCity and Super Play Action Football. Dumb choices, but later in that gen I owned FFII, FFIII, Secret of Mana, LTTP, Mario Kart, NHLPA '93, DKC, and many more.

The night I first had it was my birthday party - sleepover in the basement. Nobody wanted to play Super Play Action Football because it sucked, so I played SimCity until about 3AM. That party probably sucked for everyone else but I had a blast.

Another memory I have is getting the VHS preview tape of Donkey Kong Country in the mail.

I had ended my Nintendo Power sub about a year before (had it since '89), so had no idea why it was sent to me. But I was so hyped - I watched the shit out of that tape, and bought the game day one. I think I beat it the first day I had it.

I just bought a SNES within the last year. I have Super Metroid (somehow missed that as a kid), Super Star Wars, Super Mario World, Desert Strike, and Breath of Fire.
Got this sent to me as well. I was like OMG THA GRAFIX!!! Then they showed a sneak split second clip of Killer Instinct and the guy closes the door. I think the tape eventually snapped from being played, paused and rewound so much.
It was either my 11th or 12th birthday. My step-dad got me one. It was technically the first system I ever owned. Couldn't really afford to get another game at the time so whenever I was home, SMW was pretty much the only game I could play.

I got so good at it that everything became second nature. Funny. If I went back and played the game today I would have a hard time with many levels. Especially those special star levels. I remember the second one being hard as hell.

I think the second game I got was FFII or notably FFIV. But that was much later.

I can't be the only one that was so poor that whenever I wanted a new game I had to trade in like 10+ games and still pay to get one new game. Funcoland. Those were the days.

Good thing I had these somewhat rich kids I use to hang out with. I started getting into video games because of them. They had everything Sega at the time. There was also one other kid that also went to their house and he had everything Nintendo.

I was one of the few females in group so we had to play whatever the boys wanted. As we got a little older, we all started getting into fighting games. And it's from them that I learned to play fighting games at an early age.
I got it for Christmas back in 1994 when I was 7 years old. It came with the Super Game Boy adapter and FIFA International Soccer. I only had 4 games for it: FIFA, Pac-Attack, Primal Rage and FIFA 96 but I loved them all. Rented all the others with Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo, Donkey Kong Country, WWF Royal Rumble and NBA Jam being my favourites. It was a lovely system to have, growing up.
I finished Zelda: LttP and Super Metroid for the first time earlier this year. Also played a bit of Street Fighter II, just to see how it holds up.

"They don't make them like they used to" is such an overused phrase, but it's sure as hell appropriate in this case. So much charm and quirkiness stuff in those old 16-bit games. Devs had very limited resources, but when I play the real SNES gems, I don't think of them as primitive or dated, but rather feel that they were products of a different set of rules. They couldn't make the graphics realistic, so they gave them abstract charm. They had limited fidelity and and orchestration capabilities for music, so they made it to-the-point and memorable as hell. And since they couldn't compete with movies in terms of production values, they made the gameplay do most of the talking.

I'm not saying these games are better than today's best -that's a matter of taste-, but I pity anyone who can't enjoy Yoshi's Island or Super Mario Kart.
I remember when Street Fighter was a huge release for it. I even got the arcade stick. One of my favorite games was Metroid on the SNES. I was always jealous with my friends who had the Genesis because the sports games played much better on it.
My first big console interest, and still my favorite Nintendo console.

I had a NES, but I got in on the tail end of it around the time when SNES was about to be released. Fast forward a few months and one of my friends gets a SNES on release. I remember being completely enthralled by Super Mario World, suddenly loathing my NES, and begging my parents to buy me a SNES. They weren't crazy about video games at all and they didn't see the sense in spending so much money on it, so their proposal was that I had to do chores around the house for a few months and earn it. I got a SNES bundled with Legend of Zelda in 92...maybe...can't remember the year. So happy. With Xmas money I purchased Super Mario World a few days later.

This started my video game hobby. I ended up doing as many chores as I could to buy games, and I got a subscription to Nintendo Power and EGM. I was one of the kids who wanted to go to the grocery store with my mom so I could read the video game mags while she shopped. So

I bought so many games with chore and b-day money, and many of them I'm still very fond of...

Ballz (lol, not a good game)
Bubsy (didn't like this one)
Chrono Trigger
Demon's Crest
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Final Fantasy III
Killer Instinct
Mario Paint
Mickey: Magical Quest
Mickey Mania
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II
Secret of Mana
Street Fighter II
Stunt Race FX
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Safari

Anywho, <3 SNES.
Dark Octave said:
Got this sent to me as well. I was like OMG THA GRAFIX!!! Then they showed a sneak split second clip of Killer Instinct and the guy closes the door. I think the tape eventually snapped from being played, paused and rewound so much.
ahhhh when NOA actually cared about their fans
My brother got it like 2 years after I was born, so growing up I had the magic of the snes with me. Had some amazing games and some turds games like everybody.

But SFII, MMX, YI, Mario RPG, Earthwotm Jim 2, MK 3, Mario Kart, Super Metroid were on my portafolio, so I grew up a very happy gamer.
Nihilistic Monk said:
What was that super hard side scroller where you were a huge Mecha with little dudes running around and stuff... name is on the tip of my tongue.

Cybernator? A k a Assault Suits Valken in JAP?