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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy [OT] *Ahem*, Boobs

They aren't doing much to hide the fact we're getting an Arika Guest Character in Heroines

Arika is listed alongside Square-Enix on the game credits.


Wait , so buying a game with anime titties makes you a conservative. What is the world coming to?

edited stuff out to make it less political.
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I microwave steaks.

Another new character, seems to line up with that one leak, one more to go. I haven't picked up any yet, I wish they'd release a DLC package that is cheaper, like they do for mainline KOF.


That's good to hear. I have to say they really cheaped out on the DLC characters. You dont get any custom interactions with the cast which is what I was mostly looking forward to.
Well, Arthur and Skullo are guest characters so that could explain the lack of interactions and, Miss X should have proper interactions.


Idk man this looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off, irony here is that SNK got bought out by some Chinese company.
The more I look at the trailers the more the cheapness is coming to the surface that it distracts me from what the trailer is meant to display.
300 thousand? Higher than I expected.
New Metal Slug in development.


Patient MembeR
Thank you for this mate. Wanted to get it on PS4 but the price is $40 and I’m not sure bout the price. Maybe I’ll get it on the Switch since it’s $20
Switch version came out several months before the PS4 version, so that's why the price is a tad bit lower.
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