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This thread is for discussion, pics, gifs, videos (I think that covers it) related to primarily SNSD, but also to other K-Pop groups. Blatant fanservice is to be kept to a minimum. Everyone knows it when they see it or are about to post it.

This thread aims to play nice.

SNSD, or So Nyuh Shi Dae, or Girls’ Generation are a nine member Korean idol group.

There are no excuses for saying they all look the same.

Credit to orangecaramel: Music Lists.

Girl Groups

After School
Because of You
Into the Night Sky (AS Red)
Wonder Boy (AS Blue)

Brown Eyed Girls
I Got Fooled by You
My Style
Hold the Line
How Come?

Dal Shabet
Supa Dupa Diva
Pink Rocket
Bling Bling

Nu Abo
Chocolate Love
Hot Summer

Girl's Day
Nothing Lasts Forever
Twinkle Twinkle
Hug Me Once

Mister (JP Vers)
Jet Coaster Love (JP)

miss A
Love Again
Bad Girl, Good Girl
Good-Bye Baby

Orange Caramel (After School Sub-Unit)
Magic Girl
Bangkok City

A Pink
I Don't Know

Gossip Girl
To Me
Sweet Dream

Shy Boy
Starlight Moonlight

Shady Girl
Push Push
How Dare You
Ma Boy (Sistar19 Sub-Unit)
So Cool

Bo Peep Bo Peep
Like the First Time
Why Are You Being Like This
I Go Crazy Because of You
Roly Poly
Time To Love

Wonder Girls
Tell Me
Take It!
This Fool
Wishing on a Star
So Hot
This Time
2 Different Tears

Hot Issue
I My Me Mine
First (JP)
Heart to Heart
Mirror Mirror
Change (Hyuna from 4minute)
Bubble Pop! (Hyuna from 4minute)

Lollipop ft. Big Bang
I Don't Care
Kiss (Dara ft. CL)
You & I (Park Bom)
Follow Me
Clap Your Hands
Go Away
Can't Nobody
It Hurts
Don't Cry (Park Bom)
I Am The Best
Hate You

Guy Groups

Again & Again
10 out of 10
I Hate You
Without U
I'll Be Back
Hands Up
I'm Your Man (JP)

The Fact

Big Bang
La La La
Last Farewell
Haru Haru
Love Song
TOP (From Big Bang) - Turn It Up

That Man Opposed

GD&TOP (Big Bang)
Baby Good Night
High High
Don't Go Home

G-Dragon (Big Bang)
A Yo

Come Back Again
Nothing's Over
Be Mine

Mona Lisa

Ring Ding Dong

Super Junior
Mr. Simple
Sorry Sorry

Taeyang (Big Bang)
I Need A Girl
I'll Be There
Wedding Dress
Where U At
Look Only At Me

Keep Your Head Down
Before U Go

Bingeul Bingeul
Not Young
Man Man Ha Ni


Soshi - God tier - God tier




Running Man God tier

Hyosung - God tier because it's Hyosung

General stuff - God tier - God tier

The AKP forums are daft but alright.

Variety Shows

These are plentifully available on Youtube, English subbed. Alternatively, you can sign up to the SNSD fansite Soshified ( and watch in their well organised video section. They are the chief SNSD fan site/group and are responsible, by and large, for the subtitles on the youtube videos. And a heap of other stuff.

Running Man
This show pits two teams against each other in a range of challenges in an urban landmark.


Joong Ki: The Enthusiastic Youngster. The Flower Boy. [Currently out of action]

Yoo Jae Suk: Yooruce Willis, Yoomes Bond.

Song Ji Hyo: Ace Ji Hyo. Blank Ji Hyo.

HaHa: Haroro, The Little Kid.

Gary: Peaceful Gary.

Gwang Soo: GwangVatar

Kim Jong Kook: Sparta Kook, Kookie.

Suk Jin: Big Nose Hyung.

Invincible Youth
This show takes a group of idols to a rural village and makes them work and play silly games. It is intensely charming.

Series 1: G7

Narsha - Brown Eyed Girls
Hyomin - T-ara
Sunhwa - Secret
Yuri - SNSD
Sunny - SNSD
Goo-Hara - KARA
Hyunah - 4Minute
Juyeon - After School
Victoria - f(x)

Series 2 - Currently filming. G8

WooRi - Rainbow
Sunny - SNSD
Suzy - Miss A
Hyoyeon - SNSD
Bora - Sistar
Yewon - Jewelry
AmBro - f(x)
Jiyoung - KARA

Family Outing
God tier variety. Jae Suk, Hyori, Daesung, JongShin, Kookie, Chunhee, Sooro, Yejin. Guest celebrities go out to the country and do work, play games, cook, make fun of each other.

Hello Baby
This show puts idols in the roles of mothers or fathers to a baby - in SNSD’s case, a boy called Kyungsan who bawls on contact with Tiffany.

We Got Married
This show mock-marries idols to celebrities and sends them on a series of dates. Seohyun was recently married to Yonghwa from CNBLUE, and Taeyeon was married to a rotund comedian called Hyungdon. It's a weird premise, but it really manages to make it work. Or it did, for a while. The show is currently on a bit of a ratings+quality slide.

Happy Together
Takes the form of a quiz and some games: singing, word-puzzles, getting hit with a mallet or sprayed with water.

Star Golden Bell
Bunch of celebrities. Quizzes, dances, chat, teasing. Pretty awesome.

Strong Heart
Discussion show. Works with a pretty neat tension between seriousness and levity. There's a lot of teasing, but it's also where folks make confessions and come back from scandals and stuff.

Star King
An audience of celebrities and comedians watch, and participate a bit in, novelty acts. Sometimes pretty crazy.


Cooky Phone

Goobne Chicken

Maple Story - Making of, because the actual commercial isn’t that good.

Dungeon Fighter

Salazar said:
Jessica: Nicknamed Ice Princess.
Known for:
-Cold/mean attitude, "Ice princess"
-Classic "girl" into dresses, jewelry, makeup, etc.
-American (Tiffany is too, but Jess is more famous for it)

Every girl named Jessica must have this nickname. It has to be a law somewhere.
CaptYamato said:
Every girl named Jessica must have this nickname. It has to be a law somewhere.
I still don't know exactly what she did to deserve it - apart from probably not smiling much and doing her scowling thing.

^^^^^^ I can no longer tell the difference between fake subs and real ones with SNSD gifs. I suspect this is real.

Halycon said:
Who's the one in Panther's avatars?
At the front, Taeyeon. Yoona is in the back left, Jessica back right.
Recipe for k-pop

-one handful of young girls
-tons of lens flair and flashing light effects
-autotune the autotune
-a large amount of stupid poses and at least one wink at the camera every 10 seconds

mix together for success. sprinkle with Koreaboo for added popularity.
That thread was harmless fun. No need for a shut down.

Anyway, I think my new rankings are:

1. Yuri
2. Jessica
3. Tiffany
4. Yoona
5. Sunny
6. Seohyun
7. Sooyoung
8. Hyoyeon
9. Taeyeon

Yuri and Jessica are almost equal.

I think Hyoyeon has passed Taeyeon for me. God help me.
Salazar said:
Sooyoung: Nicknamed Shikshin. Because she eats, and eats. And eats.
Known for:
-Eating all the time and staying skinny
-Sensitive/easily moved to tears
-The most boycrazy/wanting to marry
Fafnir said:
Good job on OP/thread Salazar!
And Dice.

Now the only thing I have to sort out is a playable copy of the 14 hour, 6 dvd SNSD documentary that is supposedly on its way. Region-locking had better not defy me.
Vox-Pop said:
Cool it, Vox.

2011 Korean Pop Music Awards” committee reveals why SNSD and KARA weren’t nominated

The selection committee for the “2011 Korean Pop Music Awards” revealed why KARA, SNSD, and many others were excluded from nominations for various categories.

The committee held a press conference at the Rachel Carson Hall on the morning of January 25th, the committee revealed their nominees for a total of 25 different categories. With artists like 2NE1, miss A, Taeyang, Hot Potato, and many others up for an award, many fans were thrown off by the fact that KARA and SNSD were missing from the list.

When asked whether SNSD and KARA were purposely excluded from the nominations, Park Eun Seok replied, “There’s a lot of controversy over us not choosing popular artists for a popular music awards show, but I think that there’s a bit of confusion over the definition of ’popular music’. Popular music does not mean the public’s music. We consider the music in its entirety, without taking the level of awareness the song has, or its public and commercial achievement.”

He continued, “We did not exclude SNSD and KARA on purpose. We did consider them, and although they made it to the finals, our results showed that miss A and 2NE1 made it further than SNSD and KARA. As you know, an awards ceremony judges the performances of others. Up until the final nominations, girl groups had to compete to get there. We did not dismiss anyone based on the premise of having won an award last year. At the finals, results showed that miss A managed to make it while the others didn’t.”

Kim Chang Nam agreed by adding, “We only took KARA’s music and promotion into consideration. Their issue with their agency does not affect being nominated for our awards.”

Choi Ji Sun stated, “In the case of girl group idol music, genre plays a large role. In my personal opinion, idol music was fresh up until last year, but it was a bit lacking this year. miss A and 2NE1 both made a considerable amount of achievements worthy of attention, which is why they were included in the nominations.”

The awards ceremony will be held on February 23rd.
I can't decide if this makes sense or not.
So he's essentially saying it's the quality of the music that is being judged, not the popularity of the group? Then he's saying 2NE1 has better music/a fresher sound/more talent than SNSD or Kara? I might believe that if every song I've heard of theirs didn't prominently feature auto-tune and relatively simplistic backup melodies. I mean, there are some aspects I like, and I probably like the style more overall, but there's no way I could say what was said there with a good conscience.

Edit: Shit, the miss A nomination makes even less sense. Bad Girl Good Girl is worse than pretty much anything even 2NE1 put out.

Did IU even get a nomination? Good Day is better than pretty much anything from either of those two.


One day I realized that sadness is just another word for not enough coffee.
Taeyon or whatever looks the best, the other girls are just there to make her look better.


Expansive Ellipses
Some of the mods think it's creepy, apparently. I don't have a problem with the kpop fandom stuff since it's

1) not sexualizing jailbait

2) not sliding rapidly down a slippery slope of increasingly NSFW imagery

^^^^ I think the extent of Taeyeon's dorkiness when hosting her radio show has to indicate a degree of boredom with it.

Cheers. We will walk the line, and failing that, the plank.

EviLore said:
Some of the mods think it's creepy, apparently. I don't have a problem with the kpop fandom stuff since it's

1) not sexualizing jailbait

2) not sliding rapidly down a slippery slope of increasingly NSFW imagery

suck it haters.
Today in my Japanese class a person asked the teacher if she liked J-Pop, she said no but my daughter loves a Korean pop group. Before she finished I said SNSD with out thinking and the whole class just stopped and stared at me. I was right.
EviLore said:
Some of the mods think it's creepy, apparently. I don't have a problem with the kpop fandom stuff since it's

1) not sexualizing jailbait

2) not sliding rapidly down a slippery slope of increasingly NSFW imagery

Jessica and Tiffany <3
The only thing "creepy" is how much the fanbase obsesses over them, which is the same for any fanbase, so if this is creepy then everything is, which means nothing is.

Here, have an Azumanga Daioh homage.
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