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So I playing Horizon Dawn Zero and it's not aged well


Nov 12, 2015
Warsaw, Poland
Combat, lore and the story were really good. That's what kept me playing.

But dialogues, quests, traversal were much worse. I had fun with it once and it is enough.

Although the expansion was better. Dialogues were more interesting, it had snow and Aloy was also a bit different. If you haven't played it I would suggest to try it.


Neo Member
Oct 16, 2020
I played it back when it came on out PS4 pro and I couldn't get into it. 30 FPS for a fast paced combat game such as this made the game more difficult for no reason. I dropped it about 5-10 hours in. I recently re purchased it for PC and the gameplay is now a lot more fun with smooth framerates. The story and the worldbuilding turned out to be much more interesting than I initially thought too once I left the initial zones. I find it a lot similar to newer assasin's creed games but it's higher in quality and shorter (which is a win for me). The only thing that's glaring as dated was climbing, the fact that I have to find climbing spots in general exploration is not very 2020. I think Zelda Breath of the Wild did this the best, without making it too easy like in assasin's creed. I hope they improve this in the next game.