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So my PC display is at 144hz but for some reason games are horrible because of the Intel UHD graphics it runs on to. Can anyone help?


Dec 27, 2019
Double check your power settings are set to performance and not battery saving, this is in the bottom right. Single click the little battery icon and you'll see the slider.

Sorry not assuming you're stupid but this small setting gets so many people some times!
Hmm never thought of that. I have it on Silent but will mess with the settings when I play a game.


Jun 10, 2019
But that would mean I would have to either buy an external monitor or open up my laptop to see if I can do just that.
You cant modified it, you would just ruin the laptop setup, you need an external monitor, do this, run a benchmark or game on your laptop screen, then do the same with your laptop connected to a tv in your home via hdmi, same settings, and then see the fps gain and see if its worth getting a new screen, and tell me the results, Im curious
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