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So they deleted my post, because of jelousy and envy


Used to be that you would take your punishment and eventually see the error in your ways enough to be integrated back into the community.

Now instead you can just find a community full of similar like-minded individuals with the same level of immaturity and continue on with your day like nothing happened...
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Silent Duck

wow - from the ashes rises a phoenix

were witnessing a new thread tag, LIVE, being beta'd

so excite

edit: at least i think - first time i think im seeing it...or well that i remember. (damn you brain)
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Aaaw can't we have a chat with OP about what company is paying the mods? :messenger_crying:
It seems to change from time to time
They are probably contractors, so they will take money from whoever pays more this week, obviously.

Obviously the chat will be censored, they are jealous that someone want to have that conversation somehow? (not sure what jealousy is after this thread, does he think someone is jealous of his intellect?).

Captain Hero

The Spoiler Soldier
You could avoid this by talking to mods in private and ask this simple question ..

Why arrrr did you close my thread ? arrr


A bunch of juvenile console-warrior horseshit that wouldn’t even fly on Gamefaqs, then you pull the victim card and make absurd cries of totalitarianism while referencing Reeeeeeeeeeera in the same sentence? Get a grip.


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Somebody deleted your thread out of mercy. Is this the first time somebody has deleted a thread of yours like anywhere? Calm down, this isn't gamefaqs or 4channel our mods aren't shit.


Golden Boy
oh you edited the GIF... the one before that was super cute and I was very confused about the message you were trying to get across with a cute baby Hyena playing with a bunch of other Hyenas lol.
CopyPasted the wrong link then lol
Political discussion in games are valid, i did here. But u can't cross the line.

And it's not even his fault...World today are boring, they want to dictate our entertainment. So this kind of subject are inevitable. Unfortunately.

I'm new here, I don't know his behavior in the past, so i can't judge.
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