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So what was the Russian disinfo from 2016 the left is talking about?


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Feb 21, 2018
With Huntergate blowing up and being validated more and more each day I am seeing the left talking about this 2016 again all over more Russian disinfo.

So what was the Russian disinformation that Republicans are falling for? In 2016 there was a DNC hack, allegedly done by Russians. Eventually these were leaked onto wikileaks. We got to see them, it basically outlined how Hillary screwed Bernie out of the nom. There was also claims that Hillary had a private server with 30K emails on it.

So where is the Russian disinformation? all of it was true. Wikileaks did have emails and Hillary deleted 30K emails and she did have a private server. None of it was Russian disinformation it all happened.

Now of course we know of the steele dossier which was Russian bull crap put out there by Hillary but Republicans didn't fall for that it was called out so they cant be talking about the dossier.

So are they saying that Hillary didnt have a private server and no emails were hacked and wikileaks didnt show us that Bernie was screwed? then isnt the basis of fake Russian collusion a lie? Unless they are finally admitting steele was Russian disinfo?


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Aug 30, 2014
They spent 100k on facebook ads that said Hillary is the devil. I was voting Clinton and this ad made me change my vote to Trump. I wanted to help Jesus win.

The IRA also recruited moderators of conservative social media groups to promote IRA-generated content, as well as recruited individuals to perform political acts (such as walking around New York City dressed up as Santa Claus with a Trump mask).
Those sneaky Russians.
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