Some details about the next assassins creed title.

Jul 20, 2009
So i was on a flight earlier today and playing liberation on my vita when the guy sitting next to me asked me what i thought about the game. I said it was pretty good to which he said that i will probably love the next one too. I told him that i already played black flag to which he smiled at me and said the one after that. Turns out that the guy was someone close to the series (dev/pr) and although he didn't disclose what exactly his position was, he did give me a fair bit of info on the upcoming title. My day was literally made when towards the end of our conversation he showed me a short clip about the game on his ipad. Mind you the guy was a not a native english speaker so there might be some errors in what he meant and i what i am posting here.

set in paris and england (london?)

main characters name is arno/harno something. will be heading the french divison of assassins.

looks to be set after the ezio period, character had handgun.

looks like victorian era judging by the way npc dressed, architecture, horse carriages parked on the streets.

Villa management is back. MC has his own villa (guy says its ezio's villa from AC:B). dunno if it makes any sense geographically or it might be a mistranslation.

codename is AC:unity. Not final title, might be battle/fight something (cant remember). The AC logo is cut in the middle like the beyond/quantum break logo.

MC has a blue suit with a tinge of red in the clip(might change). looked similar to the ones worn by the Knights in order 1886.

from the clip it looks like a cross gen title. Although the guy tells me its next gen only title.

Visually looked quiet decent but it was ver early footage. Had fantastic draw distance and crowd density was much higher than the older games despite them appearing/disappearing from thin air.

Thats all for now. I'll post if i remember anything more.
Jul 4, 2013
Some random ass guy showed you the next AC? Doubtful, but we're bound to find out soon enough. Crazier things have happened. (see: AC4 plane leak)


May 10, 2012
I have a hard time believing that it'll be next-gen only, but everything else makes sense.
Didn't Ubi announce late last year that they were going to split up development between PS4/Xbone/PC and PS360? So next gen would no longer be restricted by last-gen tech.
May 27, 2013
After trying Black Flag...and getting horribly bored again...I think I'm done with AC.

It's badly in need of some gameplay and AI changes.
What? Black Flag reignited my love for the franchise after the horrible accident that was AC3. Granted, the games are not perfect by any means but boy are they fun!
Mar 6, 2011
Jun 6, 2013
Stranger things have happened I suppose but part of me wants to believe it just because the setting sounds way better than the rumors of it being in Russia.

They really need to hit China though. They have the perfect protagonist in Shao Jun. They'd be stupid not to use her at some point.