Some details about the next assassins creed title.

Mar 3, 2009
Congrats OP your experience was definitely noticed by Ubi and made it into AC: Rogue

@dbloodworth2 6 hours ago
Lolz, talk about inside jokes. ac rogue

Sep 14, 2010
Amazing easter egg. Ubi always the eye of sauron.

Can we please get an Asscreed set in Nazi Germany already?

Play Black Flag. Its made very clear that the animus cannot run a simulation in the 20th century. The animus is powered by the users mind and they lack the power to make complex mechanical machines like cars or guns etc.
It was Ubi's way of telling people to stop asking for it.
Apr 9, 2011
set in paris and england (london?)

looks like victorian era judging by the way npc dressed, architecture, horse carriages parked on the streets.
I hate to bump this thread, but the bolded sounds a lot like AC Syndicate...
I know that Ubisoft develops these games somewhat simultaneously, but it sounds like the leaker gave you info about Unity and Syndicate at the same time?