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Some Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Mysteries, Solved


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

In this video I sit down with video game producer Ralph D’Amato and get to the bottom of the many noted mysteries and discoveries in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

D’Amato, who worked on the series from its inception, all the way through to 2007, visited oddheader yesterday to talk us all through many of these mysteries, most importantly the origins of secret character Private Carrera (below). It’s long been assumed she was based on porn star Asia Carrera, but D’Amato says it was in fact just a homage to a developer’s beloved Porsche Carrera!

And this bizarre portrait that appears after entering a cheat code on the N64? Long rumoured to be one of Tony Hawk’s girlfriends, it’s actually the partner of a “higher up” at Edge of Reality, the studio responsible for porting the game to Nintendo’s console.
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