Sonic After the Sequel released

Sonic After the Sequel is the follow up to the creators previous project, Sonic Before the Sequel and it takes place right after Sonic 2 chronologically. It's a fan game, therefore there may be some annoying glitches here and there, but I think it's a solid effort nonetheless and worth your time. Works only on Windows computers.

Link here
Link to Sonic Before the Sequel

Hasn't it been out for more than a week now? I've had the .rar sitting here on my desktop for a while, anyways. I'll get around to it eventually.
I already dedicated today to a Sonic CD replaythrough im midway through. This'll give me something to do afterwards, thanks for the heads up!

The OST is also worth listening too, some of the original music is pretty great.
Definitely is, love the music in these two fangames
Played through the first zone and I must admit it's pretty good. Very Sonic CD-esque with lots of platforming rather than pure speed and good (if a little confusing) level design. Also the music has been exceptional and I particularly like Sonic's animations.

I'll play more later (waiting for Top Gear to start) but so far I'm impressed :)
I ended up playing both Before The Sequel and After The Sequel back-to-back this weekend. Once I started, I just couldn't put them down. Both are very fun games. My only criticism would be that I found the level design to be a little confusing at times, but not often.

Oh, and the music is simply fantastic. Lots of cool remixes to throwbacks from some of the original games which go really well with the gameplay and help to make the games feel like "true blue" Sonic games.
Wow very impressive. Just played about 5 acts or so (including the first boss). The game feels right and has some nice runs in it, as well as a new mechanic (was waterfall climbing done before?). You can press jump to climb sand waterfalls. Not a big fan of all the sprite rotation, and it would have been cool if there was a widescreen option (like the recent Whitehead games), but other than that I love it.

Oh yeah and I can't say enough about the music. Fantastic! I wish more people would do fan remakes of this caliber: Mega Man X, Metroid, Castlevania, etc... I'd be in heaven.

Anyone know of any AAA-quality fan games that are this good?
Woah after hearing some of the posted songs I immediately downloaded both games. Looking forward to getting down on both games later on. Thanks for posting guys!