Sonic and Knuckles' new designs leaked

I Wanna Be The Guy

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
Sonic looks fine. Knuckles looks weird but it's no big deal. I've never really cared about the character designs anyway to be honest. So much so that it wasn't until people posted that I realised Sonic's arms are a different colour. I've played every game in the series and I didn't even notice the difference. Shows how much I give a shit. Same with the green eyes thing a few years ago. Gameplay is what I care about with this series.
Just imagine the other designs they must have turned down from their team of artists. This was the best effort.
Could have been like with DmC and capcom where some executives kept going: "No, not different enough. More! Do this!" You know, the graphic designer's nightmare?
Wait, are people seriously comparing him to Nathan Drake because of a fucking scarf? So is Link (Hyrule Warriors) also a Nathan Drake rip-off, now? Some really dumb comments going on, here.
Doesn't look bad considering their target audience. Not a fan of the redesigns but I didn't have any kind of interest in the Sonic cartoon anyway.
Knuckles is in hulk-mode and everyone has insanely long legs. Serious, the worst is the legs. Legs to infinity.

Edit: ^^lol at Sonic Boom. Should be Sonic Legs
:dreams of the scarf having Shinobi scarf physics:

I actually like the new Sonic design. Here's hoping we see a more reserved, less snarky Sonic. Could be cool.

That Knuckles, though... :|