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Sonic Boom for Wii U (Big Red Button, CryEngine 3) & 3DS (Sanzaru), new subseries

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I hope over time they redo the character designs to look more fluid. They look ugly compared to the concept art.


It's nice that this features the only four Sonic characters that matter. After Sonic Adventure, shit got out of control.

It's also nice that Amy doesn't look dumb and runs fast and does stuff now. That's cool.

Azure J

Those screens look A MILLION TIMES BETTER than Lost World. Lost World look like a Wii game. Are you people just looking at the art style and getting angry. The worlds look infinitely more detailed.

More detailed does not equal better.

Hyper stylized does not equal inferior.

You're welcome to your opinion though.


I'm going to assume that this is The Cartoon: The Game.
If this is meant to be the reboot of Sonic in general - Sonic fans have little to no reason to keep defending their favourite mascot now. They have aimed him specifically for 6-11 year olds.
Character models do look odd. I wanna be hateful but at the same time I'd like some change in my sonic games. Will hold me judgement until the game is out. Or until we know more at least.


So does that mean Sanzaru isn't working on Sly 5? Oh damn it, Sony should have just bought the studio and had them working on Sly and Jak games in order to keep older fans happy.


Guys, do you remember "Sonic-16," the scrapped game based on SatAM?

That's essentially what this game is.

I'll see it when I believe it. People said the same thing about Sonic Chronicles.

The only thing that worries me substantially from the trailer are the bits that look a little too close to Sonic Heroes.

Beyond that, if Sega wants Sonic to take up the mantel left vacant by Jak and Daxter, I'm okay with that.
I think I'm ready to quit Sonic. Generations was a nice send off, after many years of seeing a franchise being thrown under the bus.
The character designs look so awful but the gameplay itself could potentially be decent. Such a sad day that Sonic design and aesthetics has come down to derivative corporate hipster chic mixed with yesteryear's wub, wub dubstep.


Honestly looking at the trailer and getting past the initial reaction to the designs, this doesn't look bad, this looks like Ratchet and Clank meet Sonic, looks interesting.


I was about to say I'm ok with this reboot until I saw that trailer.

I don't even know what to think. For the first time in my life they have put out a Sonic trailer that makes me feel nothing. Not joy or anger, just nothing. Nothing about this appeals to me in any shape or form. This looks about as outsourced and focus tested as it can get.

The one thing the Sonic franchise didn't need after Sonic Lost World was a VISUAL change. That game turned out to be pap but the art style was close to perfection. but now this.

I....I don't think Sonic is for me anymore guys.
This isn't taking over the whole franchise, it is just a spin-off series.


Well luckily it has been confirmed this isn't taking over the whole franchise.

Unless it's super successful, and then it will.

What has Big Red Button games made in the past?

big red button wiki said:
Babak "Bob" Rafei (Persian: بابک رافعی‎) is an Iranian Video game art director, character animator and concept artist.[1] He is the co-founder and CEO of Big Red Button Entertainment, Inc. A graduate of Parson's School of Design, Rafei was the very first employee of Naughty Dog, joining them in early 1995 to work on Crash Bandicoot. Other notable works include Jak and Daxter and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.[1]

This...is not bad news.


Button mashathon! Wouldn't mind so much if they bring back the 80s porno music from Sonic Unleashed (night).


Honestly, any sort of change to Sonic is welcome from me.

I'm one of those people that didn't even like Generations (I only played the first set of levels/boss, but I was so frustrated with some little design choices already that I didn't really want to play more).


The character models could certainly use some tweaking...

...on the flipside the game doesn't look like it plays like a traditional Sonic game...so there's a chance it might be good.

Yeah, the TV character design will take some getting used to and has some issues, and those designs somehow didn't translate well at all to the game (...yet?) but overall, I'm not ready to hate this yet. It looks crisp and fast, it is exploring gameplay mechanics that we haven't seen since Sonic Heroes, it's using an engine that might prove itself well on Wii U (aside from characters, it comes off as attractive in the trailer,) it's not slavishly tied to Sonic's past (and thus the door is still wide open for classic Sonic,) and there are good people behind it. And, it's on a platform that could use a big game. I'm not overly confident, but I hope it manages to surprise people and turn out good.
Since this is just a spinoff, I guess I'll give it a fair shot. The gameplay doesn't look bad. But man... those character models...

I think the thing that actually bugs me most about these designs is Sonic's blue arms.


You know what's really cool and extreme? Wraps. The more wraps, the more extreme! Kids love wraps.

The game might be interesting though. Exploration sounds good and as long as it isn't Adventure-grade gameplay fuckery the multiple characters could be decent.


I'm not talking about artistic and story inspiration, I'm talking about the corporate ideas that lead to this game existing.

Ah, well then yes. Though I wish the actual franchise it's happening to is a little more proven. People LURVED SATAM, Sonic boom is completely untested.


Have just been going through my 'The History of Sonic', specially the character section, with all the assets, good times, never forget.



The character designs aren't great but not a total travesty.

The freakouts and forced schadenfreude in here are more disturbing.
That looked a lot like Ratchet and Clank. The game looks somewhat fun, the character models are awful though. The Sonic Boom tv show trailer, Sonic and Tails looked pretty nice though.
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