Sonic Forces × Hooters collaboration announced

This is amazing and truly unexpected.
Unexpected press is good press right? It got the word out.
Now when I think Sonic I think Hooters. Sonic has animals and a fast food joint has animals, owls.
Does anyone else feel like someday Sega will be remembered as the company that put the 90s in the 90s and then got amensia and kept spending on edgy marketing campaigns that actually ruined its products?
Edgy shit never ruined Sonic, bad gameplay execution ruined Sonic. Hell I'd buy a remake of Heroes, Shadow, and 06 if they're all functional and fun (and less repetitive), with the original plots with enhanced cutscenes included.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this promotion was from the same man that thought it’d be cool for Sonic have a Hunan girlfriend in ‘06

But Sonic been on Human girls.

Would like to see her emerge in a game since Nintendo resurrected Pauline in a mainline Mario.