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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing announced! (Ryo revealed! Yay three Shenmue fans!)


Well the character is a bit of a curve ball. I would've expected G to the driver I guess the mainstream have no idea who G would be and why he would relate to HOTD so if they had to choose a zombie the EX version makes sense seeing as its the latest and only zombie protagonist in the series. Oh and the HOTD track looks amazing already it combines elements from 1 and 2 - I wonder if any more games will be referenced. Oh and to see G and Rogan at any point at the side of the track would be nice. Maybe they can be the flag man or something?


SecretBonusPoint said:
Kind of obscure one there, not even proper HOTD but the weird Ex series? Hope theres some better characters announced next, as thats kinda lame.
There's Ryu and Beat, enough cool characters for me
Rlan said:
"A Zombie from the House Of The Dead EX Series"

Really? Really? Is this thing even out in the States?

I just did some research and Zobio and Zobiko seem perfect for this game. Whereas G doesn't seem like the proper fit for a wacky game like this. I wanna play HoD: EX. This will be on the Wii before long though.

At this point I still have hope for 3 characters. Axel Stone, Sketch Turner and Opa-Opa. We'll see how it works out. And go ahead and work out the kinks so I can own with Toe Jam & Earl.

Eric C

ReXXXSoprano said:
At this point I still have hope for 3 characters. Axel Stone,
Yes! But I'd also be OK with Blaze or Adam instead, just as long as Streets of Rage gets represented.

ReXXXSoprano said:
Sketch Turner
How popular was Comix Zone? I liked Comix Zone, but as a kid I didn't know many people that had the game. But, he'd be a nice edition.

ReXXXSoprano said:
and Opa-Opa.

Yes, Opa-Opa.

The only other character I'd want would be someone from the 8-bit/16-bit Phantasy Star series, but Sega might go with something from Phantary Star Online.
Game looks awesome. I'd like to see Joe or Hotsuma but I can live without them a little longer... It's getting a little ridiculous, though.


I have some news regarding Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Do you guys want me to post it in here or on a separate thread? Aww heck, I'll just post it here anyway.

-On Friday, FreshFromFunk-O-Tron1992 from the Official SEGA Forums spoke to Mr. Greg Johnson regarding ToeJam & Earl's fate in the game. It turns out he is very close to making them downloadable and/or a preorder bonus, but only for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. That's very good news indeed, and the SEGA Nerds get to keep the duo as an icon for the Nerdcast (by the way, you guys need to do some more, lol).

ShadiWulf said:
They just need their yellow spaceship as a special move, hopefully no TJE3 rap crap.

But DiGi, you're just over reacting. NiGHTS is expected -
No, we have become too comfortable with NiGHTS just being there and it could potentialy cost us this time.

So... they specifically WANT NiGHTS to be in a car racing game?

What if they got clever, and have Elliot or Claris being the normal driver, turning into NiGHTS for the special maneuver? That would be something they'd hide for a surprise later on.

Edit: Oh, I see:

It's a racing game. So what? -
This could spiral from 'just a racing game' to no longer seeing him at all. If i am correct and NiGHTS is not in the main game then who knows why he was left out and further more this could lead to NiGHTS becoming inactive like so many other SEGA ip's out there.

Well that... that's the reasoning, I guess. I think it's a little too paranoid for how much mileage Sega has actually gotten out of NiGHTS with only ever making two major games (Christmas NiGHTS is like a hyper-polished demo/extras disk), but who am I to argue.


I've bolded the good parts, for those who are too lazy to sift through it =P

Excitement is high for SUMO’s new crossover title, Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing. We reported earlier that Ryo Hazuki will return for the first time since Shenmue 2, and old favorites such as Alex Kidd, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5 are represented in this game, making it the wet dream of all SEGA fans out there.

We recently spoke with Steve Lycett of SUMO Digital about the audio direction for this title. Many fans have been desperate to hear more information on what we can expect from this title when it comes to music, voice acting and more.

Find out everything you want to know about the audio in Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing right here!

OSV: Steve, thank you so much for speaking to us! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Steve: Hi there, I’m Steve Lycett and I’m the Producer on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, which is Sumo Digital’s latest game for SEGA.

OSV: SEGA fans are extremely excited for this game, and one of the most exciting aspects is the audio approach in these crossover titles. Let’s start by talking about the music itself, what can we expect?

Steve: Why not, good place to start! For this game we’ve once again been given the keys to SEGA’s big audio closet. What we try and do with the All-Star games, is get a good mix of music both old and new. That way we can hopefully raise some fond memories of older games you’ve played if you’re a SEGA fan, surprise you with some new songs – and also – hopefully- introduce a whole new legion of players to the music we’ve all enjoyed.

To this end we’ve got classic tracks from many, many games. If we take just the Sonic courses, we’ve got music from Sonic Heroes, Sonic CD, Sonic R and many more. Outside of Sonic, we’ve raided official sound tracks to get new arranged versions of music. We’ve even managed to get a Crush40 track in there!

What we do is give you a track for each course, then by playing the game, you earn SEGA Miles, which you can spend on the in-game shop. As you buy new music, you can then select from the ones you’ve unlocked when you start a race.

OSV: Who’s in charge of the original material recorded specifically for this title?

Steve: We’ve pulled in some familiar names to record us new material. So we’ve got Richard Jacques very much involved. We love Rich, we hope he loves us too! It wouldn’t have that All-Star feel without his involvement, so we’re very happy that he’s recorded new music for the game.

Expect to hear some brand new tracks from other respected artist too, you will spend the next few weeks humming and whistling them!

OSV: It seems this title will feature more music than your previous title SEGA Superstars Tennis judging by what you just told us.

Steve: There’s lots of music. I mean lots, we’re way over what we had in SEGA Superstars Tennis – and even I didn’t think we’d manage that.

OSV: Now all the character have different vehicles based on their classic titles, tell us a bit about the sound approach to the vehicles themselves.

Steve: Yeah, let’s have a chat about those. Each character has a car designed to fit their style. So Sonic has a sleek fast sports car, Tails has monoplane and our recent announcement shows Ryo Hazuki on a bike – then a forklift for his All-Star move. We’ve wanted capture classic Sega arcade games in feel and so we’ve based these off real world car sounds. So Sonic’s car is based off a big meaty V8 engine for example. Each vehicle sound is comprised of separate layers. We’ve got the main engine rev, a separate exhaust note, then layers we add on top, things like turbo whines, exhaust pops. On top of this we add yet more layers as we need to, so you’ve got tire squeal when you drift, a layer of wind noise when you’re getting lots of air – not to mention extra layers for boosting. This gives all the cars a rich and complex sound design. The guys behind the sounds are folk who’ve worked on such games as TOCA Touring Cars and SEGA Rally, they know their engines!

OSV: What about voice actors? Did you approach the old voice actors to return voicing their characters?

Steve: We’ve also gone to town with VO. Every character has their own set of VO, this is lifted from older titles in some cases, or new recordings where we can with the original actors. Getting that character in there is important for us – and having them sound as you expect even more so. We want the race to feel kinetic, we want you to hear the character enjoying themselves, so when you get that overtake you feel it’s important.

OSV: What else has SUMO done to enhance the classic SEGA racing feeling to the races?

Steve: To signpost race events we’ve also added full commentary to the game. We’ve got a classic over the top SEGA commentator in there, written by professional script writers to keep you updated on the race. It’s got thousands of lines of dialog for this alone, even more when you consider we’ve had to record these in 5 languages too!

OSV: This game also features weapons. Will they be using the classic sound effects from their respective games ala Mario Kart, where the classic mushroom sound and others are featured?

Steve: Yes, adding to the kinetic nature of the game are the games various weapons. We’ve got homing missile, punch gloves from Monkey Ball – all of these have signature sounds as when you’re focusing on the race, you need those audio cues to know what’s coming in and get ready to react to deal with them.

OSV. And we can expect full surround sound for all console releases, correct?

Steve: Yeah we’ve also pushed the boat out by supporting Dolby Digital on PS3 and Xbox 360. We’ve got in support for Dolby Pro-Logic 2 on the Wii. So if you’ve got the surround set-up – the game will use it!

OSV: Finally, what can we expect for the DS version? How are you cramming all that content into the handheld cart?

Steve: Want to play on the move, we’ve also crammed all these sounds and more into the DS version. As we’ve got to squash all this onto a cartridge, we’ve enlisted the services of Allister Brimble to compose us unique MIDI versions of all the games tunes . You won’t believe what he’s done with it. My personal favourite is “Can you Feel the Sunshine,” a track I didn’t think would ever work in MIDI format, but amazingly it does. Again – the byword for the game is “How much SEGA can we legally squeeze into one game” and I think Allister has done us proud.

OSV: Thank you so much for all the great information. It looks like SUMO has really gone all out when it comes to the audio department in this game!

Steve: Is audio important to us? You bet. We know it’s important to players around the world and we’ve done our very best to make a game that captures SEGA at it’s best – and deliver that feeling to the players when they load the game up come early 2010.

It really does sound like they have tripled their talent compared to superstar tennis, which felt half finished to me. Having great engine sounds which sound real also help, so awesome.


NiGHTS Fans! NiGHTS needs you more then ever,


Push for DLC! Email SEGA, spread the word.

more info here

and yeah, if you're just gonna be an asshole don't bother clicking that link.

If you are any sort of NiGHTS fan just send out some emails to SEGA, even if you don't believe the rumors.

Email info here
I'd rather NiGHTS was left out. He's been wheeled out for every cheesey Sega 'all stars' game and more, and his last game was absolute shite. Much rather see other Sega characters given a chance to shine.


NiGHTS exists as a perfect accident child of the 90s that brought us all a brief moment of pure bliss. To be entirely honest, that's exactly as the franchise should stay. I really don't need a character to be squeezed into a game as DLC just to keep the IP alive. As a free addition, sure, why not? As paid DLC? Nooo...
-PXG- said:
So, they cancel Jet Set Radio, but come out with shit like this. You got to be kidding me.

So true. :'(

I hope this game is crazy as hell. There's so much ridiculous fanservice potential, and that's what's going to make its failure/success that much more extreme. This needs to be insane crazy bananas off the wall. I'm talkin Fighters Megamix crazy. And yes, Ryo in a forklift ftw.



Interesting Tidbits

- No story mode
- Mission mode, Grand Prix, Versus and Multiplayer modes that can be played both off and online.
- Multiplayer modes range from free racing to arena, and you can select which weapons you want or if you even want weapons at all (looks like they listened to you, Sharky =P). time limits too, if you want.
- big item selection
- Game has 80 music tracks
- PS3/360/PC versions will be identical

PS3 screens

Wii screens

DS screens


Backflip said:
For those of you who understand French, here our written preview of the game (there are quite few details about the game's content in there) : http://www.jv247.com/articles/1982-Sonic-en-tour-de-chauffe.html

Our video interview with Craig Duncan from SUMO will be up later today.

I read it through google translate, does a pretty good job of translating stuff now.


cool info!

also lol bwhahahah at Wii version having framerate problems.


More info! yay

- PS3 version runs fluid
- 360 version has some framerate issues
- Each vehicle has it's own stats
- Right Trigger to accelerate on PS3/360
- Left Trigger to brake on PS3/360
- X/A button item button on PS3/360
- Big Drifting emphases, preform a good drift and get a boost
- Snaking not possible
- Earn SEGA Miles which you can spend on music and other stuff not revealed yet
- Wii version has either wiimote/nunchuck or just wiimote
- No Mii support for the Wii version
- DS version has controls aimed at young children
- Sumo Digital thinking about DLC
- Music from Sonic R, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic CD, and other old SEGA games confirmed
- Game will also have a lot of new original music



ShadiWulf said:
More info! yay

- PS3 version runs fluid
- 360 version has some framerate issues

Got to hand it to Sega, they like to do things differently.

If the lineup of 'stars' keeps increasing I might have to buy this. If Axel from Streets Of Rage ever makes it in I'll buy two copies.


SmokyDave said:
Got to hand it to Sega, they like to do things differently.

If the lineup of 'stars' keeps increasing I might have to buy this. If Axel from Streets Of Rage ever makes it in I'll buy two copies.

Well, it's tecnically Sumo Digital

but, yeah. Still awesome! :lol


ShadiWulf said:
More info! yay

- PS3 version runs fluid
- 360 version has some framerate issues
Well shit, this is different. Superstar's Tennis, Sonic 06, and Sonic Unleashed were all better on the 360 framerate and lack of tearing-wise, so I assumed that this would be the same. I guess this mean's that I won't be buying it day one, but instead I'm gonna have to rent both copies and see. I'm am very anal about framerate. On the other hand, I like the 360 layout better for racers, though I like the DS3's buttons more. If the PS3 version truly is the superior version, then that just means my PS3 library just got a little bit larger, which is good!

Choosing a version's gonna be harder than I thought. No day one for me anymore, I can't afford to make the wrong choice!

Slightly off topic, the game better have this song! If it doesn't, I'll be so sad. ;_;


Holy SHIT, that Ryo isn't a shop!?!??!?!

I'm only a lite Shenmue fan (loved the music and atmosphere, but that's it) and now *I* want Shenmue 3.


sorry for double post, but some new interesting info;

transcript from the video interview

Well, SEGA and SUMO both had ideas for interesting characters to be in the game, the final list they had to drop some but a combined list for the finalized version.

SEGA Miles buys music, characters, new tracks, artwork and the likes and you earn SEGA Miles from doing anything in the game, single player races, online races, battle mode, missions, etc. Each time you buy a character or track, it has a bio for it telling about it's history, what games it's appeared in, some background info on it, etc.

When asked how many tracks/characters are in the game, his answer is somewhere between 20-40. XD

Talking to SEGA about DLC, but nothing finalized.

They say they have a lot of Mario Kart fans in the studio, they say compared to Mario Kart their product is much more of a race, a lot faster, more intense,a lot more going on.

The guy has a fun time explaining how he's really happy to play as one of his favorite old SEGA characters in the game, but it's an unannounced character so he can't say, but to play as that character in the game is very cool. XD

Apparently Ryo was added in the game at an early point in development. SEGA or Sumo suggested it during the initial character meeting, they thought the forklift truck thing was legendary, put it in the game, everyoe loved it in the prototype version, they kept it.

They spend a LOT of time making sure every detail will please the fans, from animation, to details, to music, to all-star moves, to tracks, they try to make it look and feel right so people who are big fans of the characters will appreciate all the small things in the characters.

and a few more tidbits

Other news I didn't mention in the text:
- in the press presentation, Craig said "some of the Super Monkey Ball Tracks"
. Super Monkey Ball Track (the jungle one) is medium/hard, because there are only curves and no straight lines.
- framerate of the Wii version was really low, 360 was okay and PS3 was the best
- we were not allowed to play the mission mode or the SMB track because it was "not finished"
- Casino Park Wii IS NOT the same as Casino Park PS3/Xbxo360, so the tracks aren't identical.
- there's a team formed at Sumo to develop the DS Version
- the DS Version is faster and (i think) harder
- it's like Outrun (3D) with weapons


oh wow so they are making a shitty wii version and a shittty 360 version...

too bad since i only have those consoles...

i would have bought this game just because of the lack of any good kart racing games outside of mario kart this gen..


farnham said:
oh wow so they are making a shitty wii version and a shittty 360 version...

too bad since i only have those consoles...

i would have bought this game just because of the lack of any good kart racing games outside of mario kart this gen..

Well, S0L spazzed at me when he saw my post elsewhere talking down the Wii and 360 versions.

He says they aren't finished yet and that everything will be good when the game comes out.


Junior Member
ShadiWulf said:
He says they aren't finished yet and that everything will be good when the game comes out.

That's also what Craig Duncan said to us during the presentation. He mentioned the framerate problems and said that were still three months away from launch so they'd have time to fix those issues.
Hope the 360 version has a solid framerate by the time the game comes out. I'm sure it will, looking at SUMO's previous efforts, there were no visable differences between the 360 and PS3 versions of SS Tennis or Outrun Online Arcade (that came out on the PS3, but not in North America, right?)

They also got Virtua Tennis 3 running on 360 at 1080p, 60fps and online. So I trust their tech guys to deliver a solid experience on all formats.


ShadiWulf said:
Well, S0L spazzed at me when he saw my post elsewhere talking down the Wii and 360 versions.

He says they aren't finished yet and that everything will be good when the game comes out.
i certainly hope so..

because like i said.. this gen suffered a severe lack of good kart racing games outside of mario kart


ShockingAlberto said:
Good to know they're phoning in the Wii version.

Can't imagine how a mascot-based kart racer with Sonic would sell there.

Well, I won't get into what I think of the Wii here, but theres a reason most developers don't bother with the Wii.

Either way, wait till the final version is out, then judge it. As S0L has said, they aren't finished yet.
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