Sony And Microsofts Next Generation Racers Rumored

Sep 29, 2007
There’s been a ton of info thrown around about Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. Nothing is concrete and it’s all speculation. We won’t know anything official until Sony’s event on February 20th and Microsoft’s inevitable unveiling at E3. I received some inside info last week and took the time to do some more digging. This info I’m about to give you could change at any time so take it with a grain of salt until February 20th.
Sep 28, 2010
Several members of Studio Liverpool have also joined the team and they are working on a new next gen racer for Sony’s Playstation 4. The game is supposed to be similar in style to PGR. They wanted to make it part of the Gran Turismo series a la Forza Horizon, but Japan nipped that in the bud.
Interesting, if true.

Apparently, ex-Bizarre and Criterion developers are working on a next generation PGR5 game for the next Xbox.
Be still my beating heart, if true.
Jan 23, 2011
I guess after seeing how big the vgleaks threads became he too felt entitled for some clicks to his blog.

Sorry no can do. Anyone want to repeat any interesting stuff in that link? (not going to click to find out)


I'd be in the dick
Oct 29, 2006
The PGR team working on something for PS4 that'll be shown on the 20th lines up with what Thuway said in the announcement teaser thread.

News about GG being there makes me more excited though, since I don't like racing games.

EDIT: Just saw Aegies post. Nice.
Apr 3, 2010
These rumours have been bouncing around the web for a while now.

Not really sure what you added anything to what was already out there but whatever.

2 next gen PGR games are better then none. I wonder who will get the Geometry Wars guy to make there mini game. Maybe he can do both? Isnt he doing iOS crap now?