Sony Business Thread [Quarterlies, Annual Financials, Share price, Acquisitions etc.]


Have they made any other aquisitions this quarter outside of gaming? Should be able to get a rough idea looking at their cash flow if they don't tell us themselves

They spent about 1.6 billion on music acquisitions in the last 6 months and then 1.2 for Crunchyroll but that has to be confirmed by antitrust yet.....

They are the acquisitions outside gaming I am aware of.

I don't think they have to disclose the exact amounts the gaming acquisitions were, I think they came from the operating budget and not cash on hand.
I think they were very cheap.
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I feel like weve been saying 44 billion cash on hand all year. Surely they have more than that by now?

Well they've spent nearly 3 billion on acquisitions in different areas..... so it could be down a small bit. Depends on earning....

Everything will become clear on the 4th anyway.
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