Sony Computer Entertainment 2011 Fiscal Report : Deficit Over 94.7 Billion Yen

Aug 23, 2011
What does SCE have besides games and consoles?

I also remember a few posters saying the gaming business for Sony was one of their only profitable divisions, and that it was the TV market ruining profits...
Nov 30, 2007
No chance the vita gets a price cut and i fully expect the PS4 to be a much much safer design.

Just can't take any big chances for foreseeable future.
Jul 4, 2011
How did this turn into a discussion of PS4's power? Are we that stupid?
Should be a discussion about whether or not the Dreamcast or the PS4 will have a longer lifespan...a shame really. I hope good studios buy up the old Sony IPs if Sony does indeed fall.

Could be R&D for vita and PS4 .
Just don't see what else they could have spend so much money on.
Not really. This money they lost, not money they spent on R&D. It could be first party titles going way over budget, games that cost more money to make than recouped in sales, etc.
Jun 3, 2009
Tampa, FL
Damn, that's ugly. I'm started to get worried for Sony, they're losing way too much money and Vita sales are not helping the cause. PS4 will likely have to go the Wii route if this is the case, right?