Sony E3 Conference confirmed for usual time (Monday 6pm PT)

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Pre-show starts at 5pm, conference at 6pm.

The PlayStation E3 2017 conference will be held on Monday June 12 at 6pm PT at the Shrine Auditorium.

Just got my invite for @playstation E3 event - Monday June 12 @ 6p!
Streaming links:

PlayStation live:


Time zones:

Monday June 12 6PM PT / 9PM ET

Tuesday June 13 2AM BST / 3AM CEST / 4AM EEST / 10AM JST / 11AM AEST

My guesses/speculation of the obvious games to appear at this conference:

- God of War Edit: Confirmed to be appearing
- Days Gone Edit: Confirmed to be appearing
- Spider-Man Edit: Confirmed to be appearing
- Gran Turismo Sport Edit: Confirmed to be appearing
- Knack 2
- Detroit: Become Human Edit: Seemingly confirmed as Quantic is teasing
- Dreams
- Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Edit: Confirmed to be appearing
- Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
- Destiny 2
- Star Wars Battlefront II
- Far Cry 5


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Exciting. I can't wait to see more of Days Gone, God of War and Death Stranding.


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Let's see if they can do three in a row for bombastic conferences.

Give me some more gameplay and release dates of previous announced titles and for the love of god....ARMORED CORE PLS.
I just want that DMC5 reveal. That's the ONLY thing I really want.

Any other pleasant surprises for me would be just icing on the cake.

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Can Sony have the best E3 three years in a row? I have a feeling Nintendo is gonna have something to say about it, and Scorpio is going to be hard to rival with just games...but if anyone can do it, it's current-gen Sony.

I'll be taking off on Tuesday following this to make sure I can consume any hype properly into the night.
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