Sony Ericsson PSPhone

Dec 2, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Defuser said:
I don't think people will want a big bulky game phone.
The iPhone feels pretty bulky and clunky to me.

That said, I'm pretty indifferent to this PSPhone. I was hoping the PSPhone would be the next PSP and as such a generation leap.
Jul 15, 2004
TheGreatDave said:
I used to until they basically released the same phone a dozen times in about 3 years. I think I'm a Nokia guy now. Especially since a new version of Snakes, the best thing EVER, was announced.
Yeah, the w750i turned me onto SE phones in a big way, but then the w800, w850 etc were just tiny incremental improvements.

I LOVE the Cybershot / k phones. Sony Ericsson phones at 3.2 megapixels, stand up to a lot of these newer 5 megapixel phones in terms of image quality. And of course, the latest models are 5 megapixels themselves.

I also really love the user interface on Sony phones... by the looks of it, they're also throwing in an XMB style interface on new phones for managing media. Which I believe to be a good thing.

Despite all that, I went with the LG Viewty recently. It was free on my plan, and yes touch screen is a bit gimmicky and the flash based GUI is a bit iffy, but the phone has great features, a nice camera and beautiful aesthetic.

If Sony DO make a PSPhone, I'll look at it very seriously though.
Aug 10, 2006
Well that actually looks pretty nice. It looks like they could use some of the idea from this phone on the next PSP. I'm not saying that the D-pad shouldn't be in front, but veing able to slide the back and having extra buttons for other purposes(keyboard perhaps) would be pretty cool.
Jul 28, 2007
Darkpen said:
lol, looks nice, too bad its not real.
no, not really too bad. I don't think I'd pick it up, probably eats battery life for breakfast
I dunno, PSP2K get pretty good battery life, and this thing looks even smaller.

Remote play for music/videos anywhere in the world would be SICK!
Jun 7, 2004
monkeylite said:
I've always wanted to know how XMB would be like as a phone UI. I like S-E's U250 platform, but it is getting a bit outdated by now.

XMB on mobile phones does exist. I think it was shown by someone at sony during some sort of trade show
Sep 23, 2006
batbeg said:
The iPhone feels pretty bulky and clunky to me.
You can't compare the iphone and PSP,in fact iphone is slimer than PSP slim. It will be very bulky if they combine PSP tech with phone tech.

Although,a PSP phone wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Japan loves handheld & mobile phone, so PSP phone = win win win