Sony files trademark for The Hungry Horde (old Crystal Dynamics IP?)



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Today, July 15, 2014, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited filed in Europe a trademark via the The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for "The Hungry Horde". It was made public today. It is a basic Community trade mark (CTM) filing, and reads as following:

Trade mark information

Filing number: 013082482
Basis: CTM
Date of receipt: 15/07/2014
Type: Word
Nice classes: 9, 28, 41 ( Nice Classification )
Vienna Classification:
Filing date: 15/07/2014
Registration date:
Expiry date:
Designation date:
Filing language: English
Second language: French
Application reference: AWP/AA/LDP/T134255EM00
Trade mark status: Application under examination
Acquired distinctiveness: No
Goods and services

9 Computer game software; computer software for video games or for games machines; video games; electronic devices for the wireless receipt, storage and/or transmission of data and messages; downloadable electronic publications; sound and/or video recordings featuring music, entertainment and/or games.

28 Toys, games and playthings; computer game apparatus; electronic games; computer games apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; video game machines; portable games with liquid crystal displays; computer peripheral devices for playing computer games; computer games controllers; electronic apparatus and instruments all for use in computer and video gaming; handheld electronic games; handheld computer games; bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain any of the aforementioned goods.

41 Electronic games services provided by means of the Internet; Internet games (non-downloadable); arranging of games; organizing of games; education; entertainment services; entertainment services provided online and/or via a computer database for matching users for the transfer or sharing of computer games, music, video and audio recordings via communications networks; organizing, staging and the provision of on-line tournaments; entertainment by means of wireless television broadcasts; provision of customized web pages for featuring game player information, including information regarding a player's identity and the player's preferences; the provision of on-line electronic publications; information relating to all of the aforementioned.

ID: 276344
Organisation: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
Legal status: Legal Entity
Country: GB - United Kingdom
State/county: n/a
Town: London
Post code: W1F 7LP
Address: 10 Great Marlborough Street
Correspondence address:
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
10 Great Marlborough Street
London W1F 7LP
00 44-2078595300

The Hungry Horde, eh. Sounds like a zombie MOBA to me. However, there's also the following:

Also available for DOS, FM Towns, PC-98 and SEGA Saturn.

This is an entry from Wikipedia:

The player controls a servant boy, Chauncey, who was raised by a herd of wild cows. In a fortunate mishap, Chauncey prevents Winthrop the Good, King of Franzpowanki, from choking on his meal and is rewarded with a plot of land upon which he may build a self-sustaining town. However, the land is under constant attack by "The Horde." The Horde consists of a number of destructive and hungry red monsters referred to individually as Hordlings.
Crystal Dynamics cancelled two video game related The Horde trademarks in 2001 and 2002, filed in 1994. Could it be that Sony has picked up this IP?
I remember i played that game but can't remember how it was, i think you had to build some shit and then kill monsters. I could see it being a f2p honestly if it is indeed some kind of reboot of this.
Shadow of the Beast was a game published by Psygnosis, which Sony acquired.

I'm not sure how this new trademark could be Crystal Dynamics' IP? Also, the name of that old game was "The Horde".


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Shadow of the Beast was a game published by Psygnosis, which Sony acquired.

I'm not sure how this new trademark could be Crystal Dynamics' IP? Also, the name of that old game was "The Horde".
I connected "hungry" to the hungry red monsters of The Horde. It seemed to fit quite well. Of course, it is only a suggestion.
I've always wanted to try The Horde, heard lots of good things about it and would love a remake.

But I guess chances are slim and this is yet another damn zombie game. Like there aren't dozens upon dozens of them already...

Edit: or not! Who knows.
The Horde was an interesting game - not least because it could reasonably be argued that it's an ancestor of the modern Tower Defense format. Indeed, I can't think of an earlier game of that defensive nature off the top of my head.

While I think odds are that it's just a similar name being trademarked, I could see a reasonable argument to bring back the franchise given its history and how TD is pretty hot right now.