Sony France answers to Microsoft announcement

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Heh, i love when social media accounts (sometimes no faces, sometimes faces) make little jabs here and there.

Saw TONS of it last gen. Good to see it's not blatant like "LOL DOESN'T MATTER YOU LOST FOOOOOOOLS"
They could have said :
Starting from 09/06, ps4 is finally in stock....
seriously the closest I've seen ps4 in stock was in the duty free stores in Roissy Charles de Gaules airport!
The reason I didn't buy xboxone (beyond the fact that it wasn't released in Norway until very recently) was that I didn't want the kinnect and I didn't want to pay for it. But the thing is, now that they remove the kinnect and offer the console for the same price as ps4, it still is less powerful so even with a 100 dollar price cut, the PS4 is still better value for me (exclusives not-withstanding)
Can Sony France even afford a twitter account?

Such a weird generation. The company doing the best in the console warz is cratering overall.
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