Sony FY2015 Q2: PS4 shipment 4 million, cumulative sell in at 29.3 million


That's the 8th quarter with PS4 results. Others sales at the end of 8th quarter.

Wii- 34.55m
PS4- 29.30m
PS2- 24.99m
PS3- 16.60m
360- 13.40m

Operating Income- US$733 million

Net Income- US$280 million

Game & Network Services Operating Income- US$199 million
Wrong on both counts.

Sales: $5.4 billion
Operating Income: $359 million

Sales: $1.7 billion
Operating Income: $74 million

It's obvious where you went wrong with Sony's numbers (billions of yen != millions of dollars) but I have no idea where your Nintendo numbers came from. Can't have been from the link you posted.

Sony Returns to Profit in Second Quarter as Revival Takes Hold

ony Corp. returned to profitability in the fiscal second quarter after its “Hotel Transylvania 2” film set a box-office weekend record and President Kazuo Hirai’s focus on video games and image sensors bore fruit.

Sony’s fourth straight profit beat shows Hirai’s progress in reviving a company that has cut thousands of jobs to pivot away from phones and TVs. Sony, which posted losses in six of the past seven years, maintained its outlook for annual operating income of 320 billion yen in the year ending March 2016, the largest full-year profit in two decades. The company is now boosting investment in image sensors, expanding the PlayStation 4’s media offerings and introducing a virtual-reality headset.
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Q2 Financial Results
No one beasts Q2 like PlayStation. Amazing numbers.

FYI Sony expected to ship 38.8m consoles by the end of March last quarter. Obviously outpacing their own estimates
If I'm reading this right, they now expect 39.8m shipped by the end of March.
35 million by the end of 2015 is a no brainer now. Congrats.

Good base for PSVR btw.
God damn, so they may actually hit 35 million by the end of the year.... I can see the PS4 easily doing 1.5 million In the US for Nov-Dec
They will have to do more than that to make it to 39.8 million by the end of March. That is unless they are expecting really big boost from Uncharted.
So I guess Sony needs to put up how many PSN accounts it has compared to XBL so MS can say hardware sales are irrelevant now and tell investors that Sony digital sales are up