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Sony is Looking to Expand its ‘PlayStation PC Game Experiences’ Department


I agree. It's fucking awful. The thing that made Sony's first party games so special, was the fact that they were built from the ground up to take advantage of the console's strengths, and could be played only on that console. Now, since that is no longer the case, the games will lose that specialness and will be more forgettable.
Digital Foundry tested the PC and PS5 versions of Spider-Man and PS5 still loaded the game 1 second faster. See? You are special my dude, don't let anyone say otherwise.

Anyway... *boots up Spider Man on PC*
pc gamers dont have to port beg anymore and console hardware is less important than software service.

i mean this move is "pro" "consumer"


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They should rather expand “Playstation experiences” so we don’t play last gen games 2 years into nextgen.
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