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Sony is officially helping with funding and development with Shenmue 3


Well then

Then why the Kickstarter?

Just for those wondering about the 'budget':

This needed to be out on the forefront, not that the KS has been hurting, but good to have confirmation. I'm sure more will pour in now as a result.

Edit: Hope this translates into some kind of HD Shenmue 1 & 2 scenario, I'd like more than the cinematic shorts the KS stretch goal is getting.
I find it interesting that Sony is absolutely fine funding games that'll also come to PC. Sets a good precedent for other 3rd party games they're involved in, maybe. I expect a similar situation with Final Fantasy VII R.

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This is big, big!

Sony's backing (likely contingent on the KS proving there is a market, which boy howdy has it) transforms this from a passion project, to a passion project with some serious muscle.

I didn't think I could be more hyped for Shenmue 3, but I am!


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It was just announced by Gio Corsi during their Live from E3 Stream on twitch. It was something to gauge interest and since it hit it's goal they are officially partnering up to help fund and develop with YS Net.

Anyone know how to get the video since the stream is still going?

Most of us called it.

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Seeing as Sony is known to fund these kinds of games all the time I'm surprised they didn't just fund it out right instead of using Kickstarter. I don't like this.


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Was there any doubt that the Kickstarter exists only for PR/Marketing?

Anyone seriously thought that 2 million (or whatever the kickstarter could raise, let's say 6) could finance a new Shenmue game?
An impossible game will now exist. All praise to them.

Its a hell of a move. Hope it works out for them, because I'd love to see similar moves in the future.

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Sucks that there no bone version but if this was the only way we would get Shenmue 3... So be it.

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