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Sony isn't prepared for the fight this generation

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Not that it's all about winning the sales numbers war, but if it were, Sony is trouble. They went against the weakest effort ever from Microsoft last generation and Xbox still had some success.

This generation is easily the most hungry version of Xbox I've seen and it's not close.

Gamepass, BC, and emulation might not be huge by themselves, but together they make a strong argument against ps5, and $300 console option to boot. How much longer until that console is $199? Late 2024? That will be an incredibly difficult problem for Sony to solve.

And when the heavy hitter xbox exclusives start rolling in next year, it's over imo. Starting with Starfield. I don't think Xbox has ever had this level of exclusives in the pipeline that people want to play again. Halo even last gen wasn't what it was, Gears and Forza aren't really console sellers.
So, Sony boxed against a featherweight last gen as a middleweight. Now it's a heavyweight match. Worse, it feels like there's no urgency and we're seeing a passive version of Sony. VR and the lack of fresh content are much of my reasoning here(I'm talking about console seller fresh content)

And as much as I love VR, it feels like an experiment rooted in the leisure of success. It shows a certain level of comfort to toss their hat back into VR.

Success is not guaranteed this time. Xbox made it super easy last gen and the opposite is true this gen. Not to say ps5 won't have incredible games and good sales numbers, but that's not my point.
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I highly doubt Series S ever reaches $199; go over the Hot Chips conference again and see the reason Series S was created in the first place. Consoles haven't been $200 or less since 7th gen and I doubt they get back to that this gen.

Otherwise the stuff you mention, those may be good value to some but not good value to others. I think if what you said were true, we'd be seeing the results now in unit sales, but if Ampere Analysis are correct (and they're the best source we have on actual sold-through numbers), PS5 is outpacing Series at a higher ratio time-aligned than PS4 was XBO. Not by much; 1.6:1 vs 1.4:1, but it's still an increase.

The big Xbox 1P games, most of them are IP that have no cache with gamers and so still have to prove themselves. Even some of the devs still need to prove themselves due to lack of solid cache with most gamers. There is no telling where most of those games will land quality-wise. OTOH, several of Sony's teams and IP are well-established and have very strong cache with gamers, they are known quality so they're safer bets for people basing a console purchase off what they can typically expect from the 1P and exclusives.

That said, I think this will be a great gen for Xbox, and they'll comfortably generate bigger revenue than at any point in the XBO gen. They may even start making enough profit to actually decide to report net income numbers for Xbox division altogether, and that would be a pretty good win for them. But it's ultimately about the games, and we still have to see what Xbox can provide consistently and at very high quality outside of Halo/Gears/Forza (meanwhile Halo Infinite is practically dead as I type this 😬).




Picked up a PS5 and a Series X at launch. One console has delivered a bevy of incredible games. The other, has not only failed to provide games. But has diminished one of their flagship titles/ip by catastrophic management in the same timeframe.

I disagree with OPs characterization. Unless he's talking about meaningless PR and not actual games.
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sony will be fine. they were dominating before call of duty was even a thing. they somehow managed to sell almost 90m PS3's. there has never been a point in reality where sony couldnt compete with their consoles. even during their worst period. its actually been the opposite. their main competitor couldnt compete with them majority of the time.
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To you it might be the must hungry version of xbox, but to me, they will never be as good as during the OG and the 360.

Nothing about present xbox appeals to people like me.

Gamepass? no interested in rental services with limited time to play a game before they change the catalogue.

BC? If i could just put the disk and play the game and not have to download a new version that is actually compatible , then that would appeal to me.

A console being able to emulate others is not a deciding factor in my opinion. It should be a bonus, but for the most part, the new games should be the most important, and that's where MS fails a lot for me.

The consoles having online DRM by needing internet to set them up.

Then there's the mess with Smart Delivery. Sure, save money by only releasing one physical edition for all consoles, wich also makes it so nowadays xbox games come incomplete on the disk, either having small data for the one consoles and other small bit for the series consoles, or having only the one version and having to download the entire series version.

During the xbox one, their 1st party output was miserable, not in quantitiy, but in quality, only having Forza to really save it, and so far, the same still applies to the series X/S.

You mention the heavy hitters coming next year, but considering how they have handled their studios for a long while, why should i get hyped before those games get released? At least with Sony and Nintendo, i can expect a certain level of quality from their studios and it's not often that i get disappointed with them.

You say Sony is being passive, and honestly, why shouldnt they be? Where's the real threat? PS5 has sold a lot more than both series X/S. And no, im not being a Sony fanboy, if Xbox didnt have the issues i mentioned, i would have bought one, i wish they went back to how they were, but alas, it doesnt seem it will happen. To me, the xbox brand died, and to get me back again, they would have to change a lot.


All sony had to do was release next gen games that looked like the Matrix with next gen physics, AI and other simulations. Thats all. Their brand name and first party wouldve helped them survive Activision and Bethesda acquisitions but they didnt. They got complacent, released a bunch of underwhelming cross gen games, and have found themselves fighting over CoD. A game they never owned or had anything to do with.

They didnt need cod when Uncharted, Horizon, GOW, TLOU and Spiderman all sold 20 million. Thats cod numbers. All they had to do was continue to deliver state of the art next gen visuals and continue to sell 20 million.


Yeah, Sony is so doomed.

What were those latest PS5 vs Series S|X numbers again?

How will Sony compete with Microsoft's amazing 2022 first-party library of zero games?
Yes because 2022 is the end of gaming. Sony hasn't had a great year by any stretch of the imagination either and last year was abysmal.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, the picture is much muddier for PlayStation. Doubling down on PSVR, raising prices everywhere, continuing to struggle with supply chain more so than their competitors, focusing on sequels and remakes and GaaS, an already waning subscription platform, the list goes on and on. Just because they dominated last generation doesn't mean shit. Their fans are rabid, but even they will only stick around so long. They haven't reached Apple/ Nintendo levels of fervor quite yet.


That's not a fight if your opponent got infinite money and can just buy everything and probably even you.
GP imo had great potential but serves to further devalue gaming and Sony following that is tragic... and Sony will focus more on gaas and less on AAA sp games sadly.

I know the best games comes out of competition... but last gen there was no competition and sony had bangers


It’s Xbox who have come unprepared yet again, not having a single major first party game for this entire year. They can have all the studios in the world, they need to start producing at some point.

Plus, Bungie and Bluepoint have been acquired - very prudent business.


If the acti/blizzard deal closes. It’s game over as far as I’m concerned. I still think ps5 will sell more the Xbox. But this is now mearely a battle/skirmish. It isn’t he war anymore. And in time, I see Microsoft winning the war between them two.
(Nintendo will still be top dog though lol)


Yea,when Starfield,Avowed and Fable drop that will surely be the end for PlayStation.......still,they had a damn good run and I'll at least have some great memories.I wish I had £1 for every one of these dumb fucking doomed threads created over the years.....I'd be a rich man for sure,lol.....and as far as I know apart from the fucking Ouya everyone is still making plenty of money.
Yes because 2022 is the end of gaming. Sony hasn't had a great year by any stretch of the imagination either and last year was abysmal.
Last year had Returnal (the best next-gen exclusive on either platform), Kena Bridge of Spirits and Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Not to mention Deathloop. Maybe a down year by Sony's super high standard, but calling it abysmal seems a stretch. It's not like they had zero games or something crazy.
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Because of MS? LOL

Nintendo has been kicking Sony and MS ass for the last 3 years, and has 100% conquered Japan, the second biggest country for gaming.

Sony and MS are just fighting for second place.
I don't agree with you. Switch is an hybrid console, launched 3 years and almost 4 months after PS4 and X1, basicly a hybrid generation/console which is mostly used as a portable. We could safely say that Nintendo escaped on purpose the Home Console race against Sony and Microsoft releasing the Wii after the beautiful and super powerful GameCube(one of my most favourite console of all time), and after that all the other "gimmicks". As much as Nintendo have been so smart and clever with the Switch, they are not exactly competing in the same "Generation" and "Market" like MS and Sony, they offer a completely different gaming experience and cater a different odience.
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