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Sony Knows

Got a PS survey (invite only). They ask for suggestions in a blank box but toward the end this popped up. Looks like they've been paying attention to what people have been asking about.

Alt link: http://i.imgur.com/0gHGGoj.png

Gift me a game if already posted.

edit: :sad face: at lack of gifting games tick box.

edit 2:

What should I tick for second one? xD


Just give us the survey link OP, we know what to do.
edit: also lol at those timeframes.


...also, I wonder what the wording implies in that second picture. I would have bet against another big firmware update so close after the last one. Maybe they're just gauging interest in their consumer base.


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
External storage please


Survey link? Everyone knows what to do: tick none of these and if prompted enter "more stickers and stability".


I spend so little time on the dashboard I really don't think about what's missing but I do wish that I could gift games. I have 3 ps4's in my house for me and my 2 boys and I can game share one and then I have to go to my son's room and buy his from his machine. My brother that lives in ATL (im in chicago) I wish that I could buy a game and have it installed on his machine or something like that. Like a surprise gift.
Most important features in this list?

I was about to write them down but it'll be easier to say what I don't really care about:

Download avatars on PS4 and Store wish list. Everything else is a big yes!


"We have taken your feedback into consideration and are happy to present you the list of changes for the next update:

- More Sharing Options
- A bunch of updates to our social platforms
- A whole bunch of Stability

Expect it July 2016"


The classics! Vote classics!

And I'd pick "Don't know" so that they don't feel like they have to rush out a faulty update before its ready (don't want crazy bugs or crashes).
I believe Sony is intentionally rolling out these "fixes" and "features" slowly, so they have some great bullet points every few months for their OS updates and everybody goes crazy.

Keeping people "excited" for their platform is more important than having a feature complete OS as a selling point for new customers. I expect folders in mid 2017 and the thread about it will have 100 pages


Fucking hell, a lot of those, if not all, should've been there day one. Even not day one, they should've been added in the last couple of firmware updates. Friends notifications? Download avatars on PS4? Folders? Come one Sony.
Eh, the only feature there I care about is friend online notifications, and I probably wouldn't actually use it unless they managed add a setting to limit it to only certain friends.


Part of me wants to believe they don't realize any of these are features people want, which helps me get over the fact that they should've all been features yesterday.
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