Sony looking to make films of R&C, J&D, Sly Cooper and more [Update: Sony cover-up?]

I was looking into the Heavenly Sword animated movie that was in the works ages ago.

It has long been thought dead since we didn't get a sequel to the game nor heard anything since. I looked into the producer's (Brad Foxhoven's) LinkedIn

He is the CEO and Founder of Blockade Entertainment

They basically make tv shows and films based on videogames and their engines/assets.

So it is likely they are making the Heavenly Sword movie based on the fact the CEO and Founder is also the Producer of the HS film.

This is just the foundation of the real discovery. I came across this website that listed the status of the Heavenly Sword movie, more accurately than IMdB. They also list possible feature films for Ratchet and Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper and Modnation Racers.

Looking at their statuses some are in preproduction and some are in development. With the Heavenly Sword film to be released soonish, I'm assuming if it does well, that these other franchises might well get the film treatment.

Probably PSN/Straight-to-DVD-or-Bluray/Collectors Edition bonuses rather than cinema films, but that's just me guessing.

Still, interesting to see Sony looking to broaden the appeal/brand of these largely younger audience franchises.

EDIT: Films mysteriously missing now, see my post here of the cover up/hiding
Modnation Racers is dead so we're probably never seeing that unless the thing is just finished on a shelf somewhere. However, Sony Pictures Animation really should've made a Ratchet & Clank film by now.
I've always thought Ratchet & Clank would make for an awesome movie. Seems like a no brainer to take some of these games and turn them into movies when they already have fleshed out characters, worlds and cartoon graphic styles.
An animated Sly Cooper movie could be pretty cool.

Ratchet & Clank already looks good enough to be a Pixar film so that'd be great as long as Insomniac had a hand in it.


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R&C would be a pretty entertaining movie I think... the games are actually surprisingly well written. Very funny.
A Ratchet & Clank movie makes too much sense to not happen.

I remember Insomniac saying that they were in the talks about one previously, but it didn't take off. Hope it comes to fruition this time.
And I heard Nintendo is making a Metroid movie

Man that would've been so awesomely terrible.

Samus dives out in slow motion firing at Ridley while doves fly out of nowhere. Like regular doves, even though they're on an alien planet. And then they have a kung-fu fight. Samus and Ridley, that is, not the doves. Though doves having a kung-fu fight does seem like the next logical progression for John Woo.
sly cooper would be a better fit for an animated morning cartoon - obviously that's because it's inspired by them before anyone says, but it'd still be cool. one heist per episode, and it'd make all the side characters in the series worthwhile instead of a distraction.
No, Sony. Take that budget, and make them into games. Goddammit.
Wow there cowboy! I don't see anything wrong with their plan to take money away from game development and putting it towards shitty video game disaster movies.

If it can work for Square, it is bound to work for Sony!
I'm really surprised Sony never tried something like this. Even a TV series

The Pokemon anime worked wonders for Nintendo. Is it still going?


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Sony Pictures Animation (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ,Arthur Christmas) is actually pretty good, I'd like to see something gaming related from them.
I'm reawly surprised Sony nwevee tried something like this. Even a TV series

The Pokemon anime worked wonders for Nintendo. Is it still going?
There were Ape Escape, and Parappa anime series. Ape Escape even got a US cartoon, though it was a series of shorts.

As for Pokemon, it is indeed ongoing.
A R&C movie would have great comedy potential. Would watch.

Is this going to culminate in a Sony All-Stars movie in 2018 all Avengers style and shit
And this is a cool idea too.

I'm reawly surprised Sony nwevee tried something like this. Even a TV series

The Pokemon anime worked wonders for Nintendo. Is it still going?
Yes, and it is still very strong in Japan. They are into the 15th movie IIRC. Not going to stop anytime soon.
I'd love to see a live action Ratchet & Clank movie, with maybe someone like Frankie Muniz playing Ratchet and Daniel Radcliffe playing Clank. Shit would be righteous.