Sony Middle East using Forza screenshot to promote Drive Club?

This is stupid, espeically since Driveclub looks much, much better than Forza.

Reminds me of some Microsoft page that advertised XboxOne with a Killzone screenshot.
Edit: Apparantly I'm not the only one.
Sony Middle East graphically under selling their title lol. Not that the F5 shot used looks bad, it looks fantastic. But DriveClub looks a lot better.

They could use something like this instead.

Wasn't there something where MS showed a picture of Spider-Man on their FB page and people freaked the fuck out?
It was when they mistook Spider-Man for Spawn. It was like someone mistaking Superman for The Sentry. If you don't know who the Sentry is, that's the point.
it's pretty easy mistake to make. there's not much telltale variation visually between games in the same generation trying to realistically capture real cars and real roads.
Oops. This reminds me of the launch period where Microsoft's FB used an image of Killzone SF in it's game line up album. Make's you wonder who is actually running these sites and if they even care about gaming or follow the games they are meant to be promoting.