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Sony Patent: stopping your game play to sell you Soda


Wanna hear a good joke? Waste your time helping me! LOL!
This better be for free games, otherwise what the fuck?


Lots of companies have lots of patents. Worry about it when it comes to fruition, which it won't because it's stupid.


No no no no no!

Oh wait, this is just a patent to keep MS from doing this. Sony is just protecting us, they would never actually use something like this...right?


Couple that with the cloud partnership and you can have advertised powered cloud gaming, woo!

That's like a double punch to the face.


I can already see the op-eds calling anyone who has a problem with this a petulant manbabby and/or MegaHitler.


I think it'd be more likely to turn a person OFF from buying a product by doing this than actually getting sales.


They need to patent dynamic product placement. turn any barrel or crate in a fps into a product seamlessly!
Why would this require a patent?

So that Sony's competitors don't steal what is sure to be a gamechanging, industry-leading, innovative, consumer-driven and undoubtedly successful strategy from the metageniuses at Sony Corporation.

I mean, when potential consumers discover the convenience, entertainment and masterful implementation of advertisements that suspend your purchased game, try to sell you something, and eventually restore control of your purchased console to you after a predetermined amount of time, the market will flock to the Playstation Family in droves to experience such a graceful combination of gaming and product-exposure educational infomercials.

If any console can do this, then the mass exodus of gamers to Sony due to this remarkable feature will not occur.

That's why we have patents, simple really.
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